We all know the feeling: congestion, runny nose and headaches. A common symptom of flu or cold is headaches. A strong inflammatory response is one of the main reactions that occurs in our bodies when we are attacked with a virus. This is why we can feel so numb. A microscope could show you the fine hair-like structures found in your blood. These are created by your liver when it’s stressed by the virus.

Viral Infection

If you eat a fat diet, you will see a similar response. This is one reason liver-driven headaches occur. A headache is caused by inflammation. This can happen throughout your body. This is why you may feel like you’re aching from head-to-toe. Many over-the-counter remedies for the flu and cold will provide an analgesic effect to help reduce the pain.

There are a few things that you can do to help yourself. This type of headache can be accompanied with eye sensitivity. Eye strain is something you should avoid. Flu headaches can be made worse by too much reading, too many televisions, and too much computer use.

Try This!

Consider wearing sunglasses if you are required to work and use a computer. Even if you’re not inside! You might be a little odd looking and may get some strange comments from your co-workers. But it could make the difference between being able work and not. Sometimes painkillers don’t work well enough. If this happens, don’t worry about your eyes and continue working.

Even better, don’t explain what you did. Keep people guessing. To avoid worsening headaches, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and warm drinks like honey and lemon will help you avoid dehydration. Sinus congestion is another aspect of a cold which can cause headaches.

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Inflammation will occur in the small spaces that are meant to make your skull lighter. As the tissue that lines the sinus cavity becomes swollen, you will feel swelling and pain. This will result in the classic sinus headache. These are three things that can help you get relief.

  • Inhalation of hot steam with essential oils such as pine and aniseed.
  • Massage the sore points by yourself, your eye brows, along each side of your nose, and under your cheekbones.



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