Natural home remedies for health problems that work are better than drug-based ones. Gout is no exception. Gout attacks can be treated with natural remedies. Gout pain is a constant battle. You also need to think long-term. To prevent recurring episodes of gout, home remedies must be able lower and maintain healthy levels of uric acid.

Uric acid

This is particularly important as frequent gout attacks can lead to joint damage, kidney stones, stroke, heart disease, and higher death rates. This natural remedy is crucial for gout because it’s more difficult for urate crystals from uric acid in a well-hydrated body. Many people, if not all, don’t get enough water, which increases the risk of developing gout or kidney stones. Drink 2 to 3 liters of fluids each day.


Gout can be treated at home with cherries. Research has shown that cherries have natural anti-inflammatory and uric acid lowering properties. Experts recommend eating 30-40 cherries every four hours if you are experiencing an attack. For maintenance, the same amount should be consumed, but only once per day.

Studies show that tart cherry juice is equally effective. First, you should not use this home remedy if your kidneys are failing or you are pregnant.

Celery seeds

These have diuretic qualities. Celery seeds have a variety of anti-inflammatory properties, making them a great remedy for gout attacks. Boil one tablespoon of the seeds in two cups of water until they are soft. Once the seeds are softened, strain them and then drink half a cup four times per day until you feel no gout symptoms.

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These vitamins are vital for many bodily functions. One of their most important functions is to convert uric acids into harmless components. Vitamin B complex is a great home remedy for gout. Although these vitamins are found in many foods, many Western diets lack them. B vitamins can also be destroyed by some of the ingredients and processes used in their preparation. Supplementation is a safer way to get the B vitamins your body requires.

Vitamin C

One study found that vitamin C supplements can increase uric acids excretion in a matter of hours and lower blood levels. You can increase your vitamin-C intake by eating more vegetables and fruits, such as red bell peppers and red cabbage, potatoes and mandarins.


An anti-inflammatory enzyme, is found in pineapples. Although you can eat more pineapples to help, the enzyme is mainly found in the stem. Bromelain supplements work better because they extract the enzyme directly from the stems. This home remedy will increase blood flow to the affected area and help to eliminate urate crystals. It will also reduce inflammation and pain. For three minutes, apply a hot compress (cloth in hotwater) and then a cold compress (use ice) for 30 seconds. Continue to do this for at least twenty minutes, then switch to cold.

Home Remedies for Gout

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