I recently gave a webinar on migraine headaches. As part of my preparation, I wanted to see what information an average person might find if they searched Google and Yahoo! Many articles and slide shows were found on sites like WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and others. There was a lot of great information about migraines and headaches, including how they can be caused, treatment options, and what to do about them. Surprised to see that one obvious omission was made in all of these sources.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is effective in treating migraine headaches at all stages. First, let me share the research with you. Then I will tell you why I don’t believe we are a good option. There are two main strategies to treat migraines:

  • Prevention
  • Relief when one strikes.

The most common strategies for preventing migraines are to identify and avoid triggers, such as stress, food, or lack of sleep. This task is also accomplished by medical doctors who may prescribe medications. These medications include Triptans, NSAIDs and Anti-Depressants, as well as Ergotamines and Triptans. We are taught to believe that medicine has all the answers and are tempted to believe these drugs can prevent headaches.


Published research suggests that these medications are effective between 53-55% when taken early and 18-27% after a migraine is severe to moderate. What about chiropractic? You would think that chiropractic wouldn’t be as effective because it’s not often mentioned on these popular websites. It may seem confusing that Chiropractic might be excluded as a possible treatment option. As with many things in life you can only follow the money if you’re looking for reasons.

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Although these popular websites are free to the public, they are not for profit. They are paid advertising by large pharmaceutical companies like Abbott and Ely Lilly to make their profits. These corporations don’t make a dime from a treatment such as Chiropractic, while migraine medications generate an estimated $2.8 trillion in revenues.

Let’s understand it

Can you see what I’m getting at? These sites are interested in making drugs look better and more appealing than they often are. You need to consider who is writing the checks. The majority of health research is funded by drug companies, which can make drugs seem like the solution in almost every case. Imagine that! It’s not only that, but pharmaceutical companies also buy reprints from these studies from scientific journals. This gives these journals an incentive to publish articles that make drugs look good.


Although chiropractic is not able to cure all migraines, it is as effective and safe as many other drugs. Many of my patients rely on chiropractic care to prevent or treat migraines. My other skills include adjustment. I examine the lifestyle and diet of anyone who presents with migraines to determine the root cause.


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