If you have been suffering from a common cold for more than a month, it’s time to see a doctor. It could be a sinus infection that can cause painful headaches. You should try every remedy and medicine suggested to you because of the severity of your sinus headache. If none of these remedies work, you will continue to suffer from the pain.


This is the most regrettable thing. These headaches can be a surprise and cause a lot of pain. Sinus can be very difficult to treat. If you have tried all the available home remedies and expensive medical treatments, but nothing has worked, you should consider going to the next level. If you have sinus problems and no treatment seems to work, then it is time to consider surgery.

The ENT (ear nose and throat) specialist, also known as an otolaryngologist, performs sinus surgery. Don’t be afraid to have a surgery. It can improve sinus drainage by removing the blockage or draining the mucus. Any foreign substance that blocks the nasal passage or nasal passage. The bone could be enlarged to allow for mucus drainage. Tissue that is infected, swollen, or damaged.


Polyps, or growths that reside in the noses and sinuses. If your sinus passage is blocked or infected by polyps or other causes, you have only one option: to have it removed. Remember that sinusitis may not be completely treated by surgery and may require a second procedure. If you have chronic sinusitis, consult your doctor immediately.

Because there was no other cause of the sinusitis, the treatment was completed. This will reveal the cause of your sinuses not draining properly. The doctor must see that your swellings and infection have decreased so that they can diagnose the root cause.



Sinus infection can’t be treated with antibiotics. Another infection may have developed beyond the sinus. This is a rare condition. The severity of your sinus problem will influence the intensity of the surgery. Surgery works best when both home and medical treatment are continued simultaneously. This will help you reduce the chance of having to have another surgery or other problems.