Hausmittel für are appealing. But is it the best? Home remedies can be used to treat sickness or disease. You can make chicken noodle soup for respiratory infections, or willow bark tea for headaches. Duct tape can also be used to set broken bones. It’s comforting to know you can solve your health problems using methods your mother may have used.


It’s another matter to find home remedies for skin . Skin hydration can be achieved by drinking lots of throughout the day, taking a bath, and eating lots of watery foods. If you want your skin to stay healthy and vibrant, you need to pay attention. However, quality moisturizers that are potent and effective can improve skin hydration.

is a great moisturizer and helps to repair damaged skin tissue. Shea , which is both a moisturizer as well as an emollient, will soften and soothe skin that is inflamed. It will also reduce scarring, blemishes and brown spots that are associated with aging.


Avocado oil is compatible with your skin’s oils, and can even stimulate and elastin to make your skin look younger. oil is one of the most effective skin moisturizers to improve skin hydration. Jojoba oil is rich in moisturizing properties that can reduce and stretch marks. It is very similar to human skin sebum, which refers to the oil your skin secretes.

It is almost identical to sebum and your skin will accept it well. It moisturizes dry skin and reduces oil production. Deep hydrating masks can be used once a week if you really want your skin to feel pampered. A skin hydration boost every other week can make a big difference.


A recent study showed that a group of volunteers saw a 24% increase on their skin’s hydration within two weeks. Imagine doing this only once every two weeks. our skin will only get worse if you stop using it.