Hot flashes can be a common occurrence, but they don’t have to be. There is ample evidence that hot flashes can be prevented by Entscheidungen, Bewegung und eine gesunde Ernährung. Sie sollten mehr einbeziehen in your daily meal plan. Tofu can also be prepared in a variety of ways. soup is rich in plant estrogen and low-calorie filler to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Asian Diet

While it may take some adjustment to be able to eat traditional Asian foods, many people will find them a delicious addition to their diet. Hot flashes can be exacerbated by excessive meat consumption. It is important to get enough protein at this time. Fish is the best option here, but it should still be used as a side dish and not as the main course. Consume a lot of whole foods, including a wide range of fruits and , and small amounts of nuts and seeds. This is especially important during menopause. Certain und are essential to reduce hot flashes, and other symptoms that can be associated with menopause.


The following recommendations should be included in your natural remedy for hot flashes: Vitamin E: 400-800 International Units (IU). These should be taken in 200 IU increments. For example, if you take 400 IU, you will need to take 200 IU in morning and 200 IU at night. Take 200 IU four times a day if you are taking 800IU. 400 IU is the recommended daily dose. It is best to consult a doctor before increasing your intake.

Take a complex that contains at least the daily recommended amount of all B vitamins. The B vitamins can help you manage stress and other issues. It is recommended that you take 300 mgs of magnesium, 500 mgs of , and 1000 mgs of vitamin C. This will help balance your overall health. The author is not a Doctor. Before using any oder natürliche Heilmittel, fragen Sie Ihren Arzt.