Copper toxicity was something I discovered when I ordered a hair analysis mineral test to find out if it could help me understand why I was suffering from chronic migraines and especially hormonal migraines. A hair analysis can be used to diagnose copper poisoning. Blood tests don’t show what is happening at the cellular level. Dr. Malter’s book, “The Strands of Health”: The copper and estrogen levels are high approximately a week to ten weeks before a period.

Hormonelle Veränderungen

Migraines occur when hormones change. It was completely automatic, just as if it were a clockwork. They occurred more or less on the exact day of each cycle. My body was reducing copper levels, which thankfully led to fewer migraines. Copper can affect any organ in the body, and it usually affects four major systems.


Copper builds up in the liver and brain, where it can affect neurotransmitter levels, the nervous system, and the female and male reproductive systems. Copper is essential for both mental and physical health. Copper must be present in the right amounts. Copper can be found in the pipes of your home, hot water cylinder (if it is copper), copper cookware, copper derived from dental materials (exposure), vitamins, drinking water, fungicide residues on foods, tranquilizers and copper intra-uterine devices.

Bio-unavailable copper can also cause copper to build up in the body. This is often due to weak adrenal glands. The adrenal gland stimulates liver to produce ceruloplasmin. This is the major copper binding protein. Copper cannot be used by the body if the levels of ceruloplasmin are low. This causes copper to build up in the tissues. Copper can build up if

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Zinc is deficient. Zinc is low in the earth’s soil. Vegetarians tend not to eat enough zinc-rich foods and eat proteins high in copper. High copper diets include foods high in copper, such as nuts and sesame seeds. This is a very high reading. This is 7 times the normal level. It was out of the norm. At this point, I was not detoxing copper. I was also detoxing from the pharmaceutical drugs and was therefore unable do both.

Six months later, I had another hair test. My health showed a significant improvement. My hair test still showed that I had copper toxicity. This is very important. Even though your copper levels are not high, it could still indicate that you have copper overload. To interpret this test, a professional hair analyst is required. It can be difficult to understand and read the hair test.


Migraine sufferers will understand how important it is for them to identify the root cause of their migraines. The hair analysis test can reveal so much about the body’s cellular processes. It also shows any toxic heavy metals that could be causing dysfunction in the body. It also gives an indication of the state of our mineral balances. The mineral balance of our bodies has a significant impact on our overall health.



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