sind schmerzhafte und örtlich begrenzte Entzündungen auf der Haut, die durch die Infektion mit Staphylokokkenbakterien verursacht werden. Sie zeigen sich als rote Knötchen und Schwellungen unterschiedlicher Größe, die mit Eiter gefüllt und mit Schmerzen verbunden sind. Die Haarwurzeln der Haut werden stark infiziert, was zu den lokalisierten Entzündungen führt. . Folks of all age groups are influenced by this condition.


Boils make a difference an individual hair follicle or many dependant on the extent of infection. Following the boils mature they rupture discharging pus and blood. They must be treated carefully at this time to avoid any secondary infection. Boils can come in any portion of the body like the head and genitals.


  • Appearance of hard or tender outgrowths on your skin accompanied by pain.
  • These outgrowths mature and rupture releasing blood and pus.
  • Feeling of irritation and itching on your skin.
  • Outgrowths can come in an individual hair follicle or may affect several hair roots. Staphylococcus bacteria are mainly in charge of boils.
  • Faulty heating habits and life-style.
  • Low immune system of your body.

Boils generally usually do not require any extra medical intervention unless the infection is serious. The outward symptoms could be combated through proven home cures.

Behandlungen zu Hause

  • und juice are trusted for the treating boils. Equal proportions of the juices are applied on the boil to ripen it, in order that it ruptures and drains out the pus.
  • Bitter gourd acts as a blood purifier and is quite effective in treating boils. An assortment of one glass of bitter juice and something teaspoonful of lime juice taken slowly in empty stomach produces success. This process ought to be continued for couple of days.
  • Application of hot compresses on the tender boils helps in ripening and rest from the pain.
  • Heiß baths may also be very beneficial in treating boils and these baths ought to be taken weekly twice or thrice till the boils persist.
  • Switch to a and decrease the intake of tea, coffee, processed food items and carbohydrates.
  • Apply a poultice of Margosa leaves on the boils. A decoction of margosa leaves could be made by boiling 15 grams of leaves in 100 ml of . This will be taken two times each day.
  • powder supports the healing of boils. Application of the roasted dry turmeric roots on the boils at the principal stage helps in treating the boils.