If you have problems with frequent or serious migraines, the very best treatment is to make an effort to avoid them. There are many of actions you can take to reduce the severe nature and frequency of migraines. Take up a headache diary. While no-one knows the exact factors behind migraines, you can find known triggers that may begin the chain result of a migraine. Some of these triggers are: reduced blood sugar, and burgandy or merlot wine). Keeping a diary can show you preventing migraines by knowing your unique triggers.

Andere gute Tipps

  • Get acquainted with early warning signs. Numerous migraines are preceded by particular symptoms, known as Prodrome signs and symptoms. At the onset of the warning signs, make an effort to relax and maintain a confident attitude. Prodrome symptoms range from mood adjustments, increased thirst and/or water retention, increase or reduction in appetite, visible disturbances such as for example blind spots, flashing lighting.
  • Haben Sie eine Idee, wie Sie mit Migräne umgehen können, wenn sie auftritt. Aber wenn Sie Ihre Auslöser kennen und schnell darauf reagieren, können Sie die Schwere und Regelmäßigkeit der Kopfschmerzen verringern. Änderungen des Lebensstils können sich positiv auf Ihr Migräneleiden auswirken und es verbessern. Sehen Sie sich Ihr Tagebuch an und achten Sie auf die Muster, unter denen Sie leiden. Treten die Kopfschmerzen zu einer bestimmten Zeit, Woche oder Jahreszeit auf? Schreiben Sie die Muster auf und halten Sie sich an alles, was hilft, die Migräne zu lindern oder sogar die Beschwerden schnell zu beenden.
  • Know how your diet can assist. In the event that you notice that certain meals seem to trigger migraines, remember to avoid them, or at the minimum limit them in what you eat. Figure out how to prevent migraines by consuming a wholesome, veggies, wholegrains, and quality protein. Dark such as for example broccoli, and are great, along with , yogurt, and low-unwanted fat milk. These contain supplement B that may help prevent migraines. Food abundant with such as for example nuts (especially almonds), wholegrains, , soybeans and a number of vegetables are useful in arteries and ensuring proper cell functionality. Oily seafood can prevent migraines, as well. Consume three servings weekly to improve your omega-3 and Verbrauch.
  • Get into a normal sleep schedule. Inadequate sleep and an excessive amount of sleep could be migraine triggers. Look for a healthy balance. Try to sleep and obtain up at the same instances. Disturbances in rest schedules have been proven to trigger head aches in .