Sometimes, we accidentally cut ourselves while doing our daily chores. Our finger was also accidentally cut when we were using a paper cutter. Our hand was cut while slicing tomatoes. A wire protrudes from the car and scratches our legs. It can cause a serious injury. Children can get hurt while playing, fighting or arguing.


We don’t usually think about the wound until it becomes infected. It can become painful and swell. We visit our doctor who prescribes antibiotics to treat the infection. We can prevent infection by having a little knowledge. Otherwise, we will have to take the wound to the doctor to have it sewn.

A minor wound is one that is less than 2.5 cms, or 1 inch in diameter, and not deeper than one-half of a millimeter or one-fourth of an inch.

Natürliche Heilmittel

Moringa is the best home-based treatment for minor injuries that I have found. Because its roots look similar to radish, horseradish tree is another name for this. Moringa can be grown almost anywhere a tree can grow, except in frosty areas. It is found almost everywhere in the Philippines.

To make a sap, you take a few leaves from the plant and rub them between your fingers. The sap will then be spread over the wound. That’s it. You may want to wash your wound with normal, clean tap water before applying the moringa sap. The first result of applying moringa sap to the wound is to relieve the pain. It acts as a pain reliever. It also stops bleeding. It is also a blood coagulant. It also prevents infection.

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Good to Know

It is also a natural antibiotic. Research has shown that moringa leaves are rich in essential amino acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The healing process begins. The wound does not need to be bandaged unless there are any flies around it. If there is still watery substance or the wound is not completely closed, you can repeat the process of spreading the sap with new moringa leaf. One application is sufficient. The minor wound will heal in one to two days.

Letzter Tipp

Moringa capsules can be purchased in drugstores in areas where there aren’t any moringa trees. The leaves are now sold as food supplements. Spread the moringa powder on the wounds by opening the capsules. These capsules are much cheaper than antibiotic capsules. They don’t have any untoward side effects.


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