According to moms, dressing warmly will reduce the risk of getting a cold. Moms have a long-standing theory about colds, flu and ear infections that has been passed down through generations. Moms know that there is nothing more sad than a child who is housebound with a stuffy nose and the achy congestion associated with catching a cold on a beautiful winter morning. And, in all their wisdom, they have made a strong connection between getting cold and getting sick. Many a time, a child has been disciplined for not wearing a coat outside in cold weather.


Is it possible to catch the common cold from being exposed to cold? Moms still believe that cold exposure can increase the chances of catching the common cold, despite the old wives’ tale being put to rest. Smart moms will tell you that clothing is a key factor in preventing colds or flu. Layers of light clothing underneath children’s outerwear will trap in warmth. As a child becomes warmer, it is important to remove layers slowly. This will prevent evaporative cool, which happens when the skin becomes soaked in sweat. An outer shell made of wind- and water-resistant nylon is ideal for repelling rain and cold winds.

It also reduces the chance of convective heat transfers, where wind draws heat from the body. To prevent cold air from entering, cuffs that are tight around the ankles and wrists will keep them warm. Little fingers will also be able to stay toasty and warm by wearing mittens instead of gloves. Without gloves or mittens, you can experience conductive heat transfer. This is heat loss from direct contact with cold surfaces. A cotton or soft-wool knitted cap featuring earflaps can help to retain body heat and prevent radiative heat loss.


This is where body heat escapes from the lack of insulation. Smart moms will add waterproof boots and wool socks to the cold-weather outfit to keep their children dry and warm while they play in the snow. Is mom’s “stay warm, stay well” advice correct? Scientific research has repeatedly proven that mom’s “wear your jacket, don’t get a cold” advice is correct. There are many studies, researches, and experiments that have been conducted over a century to disprove the connection between colds and weather.

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Research has shown that cold spells are often followed by an increase in respiratory diseases. While some of the reasons for this could be due to the fact that there are a few infectious organisms like flu viruses that thrive in colder temperatures, evidence also supports mom’s old adage that cold temperatures suppress the immune system and increase the chances of getting sick.

Did you know?

British researchers also claim that cold air can cause infections by drying out the nasal passages and rushing into them. Although colds can be caused by many different viruses, most experts agree that colds can be caused by colder temperatures. However, colds can also be caused when the immune system is less strong. Although there are arguments on both sides, we need to forget about our obsession with science and old wives’ tales. We must look at the best ways to reduce our chances of getting a common cold. Smart moms will continue to wrap their children up before letting them out in the cold.

Foot Care

You might be “swept off our feet” when you’re in love. If you don’t want to do something, you might be called “cold feet”. A sensible person has both feet on the ground. People often say, “Vote with your feet.” There are many sayings about feet that relate to our daily lives. It is important to put your best foot forward. Be kind to your feet. Your feet can be worn and walked for years. You should avoid shoes that are not well-maintained or have poor circulation. No matter how inexpensive the shoes, you should give up on the idea of wearing them.

The first sign of serious diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, nerve or circulatory disorders, is the foot. Do foot care regularly. It is easy and effective to check your feet every now and again in order to detect any signs of illness. A podiatrist is needed if you have problems with your feet. Sometimes, if you have a serious condition, an orthopedic surgeon or dermatologist is required.

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What to do?

There are many things you can do on your own. You can start by putting your feet up before you go to sleep or when you’re sitting down. This simple act will increase blood flow to your feet if you do it for longer than five minutes. You can also stretch, walk, or massage your feet. If you have the time, a warm foot bath can be very beneficial to your feet. The better the result, the longer you keep it going. Please dry your feet before you put on your shoes. There are other things you should not do to your feet. Shoes that aren’t right for you should be avoided. Do not sit for too long or cross your legs for too long. Your feet are best protected by wearing shoes.

Shoes that fit comfortably can prevent many foot problems. Here are some tips to ensure your shoes fit properly. Children’s shoe sizes may change with their ages. They will change in size each month. Be sure to measure their feet before you buy. Nearly everyone has a larger foot than the other. You should ensure that the shoe fits the largest part of your foot. You may not be able to find the right size shoe for you. Do not buy shoes without trying them on. To make sure that they fit properly, walk in the shoes. Every person has different feet so it is important to select a shoe that fits your foot. The shoe should be wide enough for your foot’s ball to fit comfortably in the largest part. The upper of the shoe should be made from a soft, flexible material. You can get blisters on your feet if you use too hard leather.

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