Acne is a common condition that plagues teenagers today. Many people would rather have a serious illness than live with acne-ridden skin. Is acne really so bad? Acne is a condition that affects most teenagers in their adolescent years. Pretty common, huh? This condition usually disappears once the person is out of their adolescent years and into their twenties.

Acne Facts

Some people have acne that remains even after they are adults. You can find effective over-the-counter medications in drug stores if you are an adult with acne and a teenager with it. Here are some natural remedies that can help with your acne if you don’t trust the chemicals and any side effects they may have.

Natural Remedies

  • All over the world, neem has been used to treat skin conditions and diseases like eczema. Neem, also known as the wonder herb, can also be used to treat warts and scabies. Because it contains the fungicidal qualities gedunin and nimbidol, it has been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for acne. Simply gather the neem leaves and use them. Mix them until they are similar to paste. Apply this face to your breakouts and your skin will instantly improve.
  • Basil is believed to be able to cure acne by purifying blood. It can purify blood and could help clear skin. Traditional medicine practitioners believe that even the soil in which basil was planted can cure many ailments, including acne. This soil is often used to make mud baths to clean the skin. You will need 2-3 teaspoons of dried basil leaves to make the treatment. Boil the basil leaves in a cup boiling water for 20 minutes. Apply it to your skin using cotton after it has cooled.
  • Burdock is a well-known herb that is effective in treating acne and chronic skin conditions. Burdock, like the basil plant has been claimed to be very effective in purifying blood. Therefore, it can also help clear skin. Boil a quart water and simmer it. Add 4 teaspoons burdock root, chopped and dried. Let it simmer for 7 more minutes. Let it cool for 7 minutes. The solution can be used to wash the affected area.
  • Native Americans used amaranth as a crop. Amaranth is believed to have astringent properties that make it a good treatment for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The amaranth can also be used as a skin cleanser, just like the burdock. Let it simmer for 5 minutes before covering it. After 5 minutes, turn off the heat and add 1 teaspoon of the leaves. Let it steep for 30 minutes. You can also use the seeds if leaves are not available.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar and lemon juice directly on your skin. The skin-clearing properties of vinegar and lemon juice are very effective.
  • You can also apply egg whites to your skin. Before applying the egg whites, wash your skin well. Let it sit for several hours or overnight.
  • Oatmeal is also widely used to treat acne and clear the skin. Let the oatmeal cool down before you cook it. Apply the oatmeal to your skin, and let it sit for around 15 minutes. Oatmeal is known to be capable of absorbing oil and other impurities from the skin, leaving your skin clean and smooth.
  • You can even use sugar to treat your acne quickly. Use sugar to scrub your skin. It is antibacterial, so it kills bacteria that causes acne.
  • Keep your skin out of direct sunlight. The sun’s heat will kill any bacteria on your skin, and it will also dry out any oil that is left behind. You should not leave the sun unattended for too long, or you could get sunburned.
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