Is That Male organ Rash The effect of a Latex Allergy? For most guys, using a condom is simple and straightforward. But also for some, even though stuff might seem fine initially, within hours they find yourself with a significant penis rash, itching, inflammation and also swelling, all of which could be rather frightening. This is actually the truth for those who have problems with a latex allergy. For guys who have this problem, focus on good penis treatment includes doing whatever essential to avoid latex condoms. Fortunately that there are many other options out there.

Latex Allergy

Exactly what is a latex allergy? Becoming allergic to latex can be like being allergic to other things; getting into contact with a particular product or substance can result in very undesirable side results. For those who are usually allergic to latex, simply getting into contact with a item that contains it can result in issues. Since many condoms are constructed with latex, this can become a concern for a guy who tries to use one. inflammation, itching, and even swelling. There could be a burning feeling, and the penis may be sore to the contact. A man may also notice symptoms on locations other than the penis, To create matters a whole lot worse, some men can form a latex allergy as time passes.

This means that they could have been in a position to readily make use of latex condoms for a long time, but suddenly linked with emotions . have serious issues. These guys might be specifically amazed, That is why it’s very important to start to see the doctor at the initial sign of an allergy. Remember that though very severe responses are exceedingly uncommon, they do happen. In case a man runs on the latex condom and has all of the typical symptoms plus difficulty breathing, demand emergency assistance.

Don’t wait!

Serious allergic reactions do not fool around, he should instantly head for the bath. It’s vitally important to clean away any possible residue from the condom to be able to ensure faster healing. Whether it’s the first time coping with this, a trip to the doctor is to be able. Simple assessment can determine if the thing is certainly a latex allergy. But think about protection? Fortunately, there are some options. Men can change to polyurethane condoms to maintain with their sexual enjoyable. These condoms certainly are a little more expensive than latex, however they do just as great a job of preventing maternity and the spread of condition.

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Those people who are in a dedicated relationship without worries about disease can change to lambskin condoms, which are recognized for preventing pregnancy (but usually do not prevent infection). Through the healing stage after the allergic attack, a man should take proper care to take care of his penis well. Nutritional vitamins A and D may also be crucial, because they both have antibacterial attributes. Soothing Shea butter and vitamin e antioxidant can also help convenience the burning, john Dugan is really a professional writer who focuses on men’s health issues and can be an ongoing contributing writer to varied online web sites.

Red Penis

Red penis symptoms such as itching, redness, or pain can vary from mild to severe. These symptoms can be difficult or easy to treat. Red Penis – Most often, a “red penis”, or excessive or aggressive sexual activity, is the cause. This can cause a penis to become sensitive and red due to insufficient nutrients or dry skin. However, it will usually heal quickly and return to its normal appearance within 12-24 hours. Symptoms: Reddening of the penis skin, possibly irritated or sensitive. These symptoms can occur immediately after masturbation. There are no signs such as bumps, lesions or patches.


Apply a nutritional penis cream or penis skin oil to prevent your penis skin drying out. Continue to use a penis-specific product that will maintain overall penis health. It will also help prevent future instances of “red penis”, which can be caused by frequent masturbation or aggressive sex, such as penis vein damage, loss penis sensitivity, curving, or bending penis, and other penis conditions. Balanitis is an inflammation of your penis. This can be caused by poor hygiene or failure to wash under your foreskin.


This condition could also be caused by Thrush (fungus), Psoriasis or the use of soap you are allergic too. Symptoms: Bright red, shiny patches on the penis, dry flaky skin, or a rash. Treatment – Wash your penis well, check your partner for thrush, and then use a Candida antifungal medication. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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Cancer – This rare condition can cause red, blue-brown or purple-colored growths or lumps in the penis. Symptoms: There will be lumps or growths on the shaft or foreskin, as well as changes to the skin’s color. Treatment – Talk to your doctor. The treatment options available depend on the stage and size of the cancer. The most common treatments are laser, radiation, and chemical.

Eczema, also known as dermatitis is caused by skin irritation. Itchy, red patches on your skin, flaky skin, and blotchy skin are some of the symptoms. The best treatment is to consult your doctor. He will prescribe a steroid cream to reduce the irritation and prevent it from recurring. A nutritional penis cream is an alternative to steroid creme. Steroids are not well tolerated and desired by many men.

Jock Itch

This fungal condition thrives in warm and moist areas. Itchy red rash that can be raised and circular in appearance. Treatment: Apply an antifungal cream, spray, or powder called ‘Tinea Cruris” and follow the instructions. To reduce the spread of infection, change your underwear often and use a clean towel to shower. Latex Allergy: If condoms are used for sex, you may need to test to see if you have an allergy. The symptoms include a red, itchy, rash and in extreme cases, breathing difficulties and hay-fever-like symptoms. To prevent severe reactions in the future, use latex-free condoms.

Consult your medial health professional to determine if antihistamines and steroids are necessary.


Many sexually transmitted diseases can lead to variations of a red penis. These include Chlamydia and Genital Herpes. Symptoms include a red penis that is itchy, with small lumps or discolorations. Flaking skin and ulcers may also be present. These symptoms can often occur within days or even days of intercourse. Treatment – Talk to your doctor. The treatment for each type of STD is different. You should also be aware that some STDs can have serious consequences for your health and may spread to others if you don’t get treatment. A penis health cream is often recommended by doctors to help men with skin problems. A penis-specific creme should contain the essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy penis cells.

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