If not treated quickly, kidney disease can become a serious condition. Kidney disease can be treated early, so it is best to get it under control. Most kidney disease is caused by an underlying condition. Diabetes and untreated heart disease are the most common causes of kidney disease. These conditions should be treated. Other diseases can cause damage to your kidneys. These can cause an obstruction, such as in the urinary tract. This can lead to damage to your kidneys. Your kidneys will be able to function normally again if the obstruction is removed by your doctor.

Kidney Functions

Your kidneys will be more likely to function well if you have diabetes treatment. Your doctor will discuss with you any medication that may damage your kidneys. Long-term use of certain medications can also cause kidney disease and damage. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any of these medications. They can perform tests to determine how your kidney function. Exercise regularly and eat well to manage your disease. Don’t let your body become dehydrated. If you have advanced kidney disease, ensure that you get enough fluids. Avoid smoking and tobacco products.

This can decrease blood flow to your blood vessels and kidneys. Your doctor will recommend how to treat high blood pressure. Your doctor may recommend that you take medicines that reduce the amount of protein in your urine. This is especially important if you have diabetes. It is also important to control your blood sugar levels. If you have more severe kidney disease, it may be necessary to seek out more aggressive treatment. This depends on many factors. Your doctor will monitor your kidney health to determine the best treatment for you.


These tests include tests to determine how well your kidneys filter blood. A GFR test, for example, may be ordered. You may also need to test for protein in your urine. Based on these tests, your doctor may adjust the dosage of medicine you need. Because kidney disease is often progressive, even with treatment, your condition may get worse. Worsening kidney disease symptoms include nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Your doctor may recommend a stricter diet to slow down the progression of the disease. Sometimes complications can be caused by kidney disease, which can lead to a buildup in chronic diseases and excess wastes. This condition is called uremic syndrome.

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It can affect many systems of the body and may require dialysis. Chronic kidney disease can lead to kidney failure, which can cause severe illness. This can lead to serious illness. Dialysis is required when this happens. Hemodialysis is the use a machine to clean the blood. Peritoneal Dialysis uses the lining in the stomach to clean the body. Natural treatments can also be used to treat kidney disease. All of these foods have been shown to improve kidney function, including watermelon, asparagus and black beans. Natural diuretics can be used to help rid the body of excess water. These include red clover tea, dandelion leaves, parsley and juniperberries. Consult with a natural healthcare provider for personalized and thorough recommendations. Get plenty of exercise and rest, as always.


No secret is that we eat more calories than what we burn. This is one of the main reasons we are becoming so fat. If you eat 2000 calories per day and only burn or excrete 1900, then you will have a net gain of around 100 calories per day. This will translate to approximately 10lbs more body weight per year. You will soon find yourself 50lbs more overweight if you do this every year. Our basal metabolic rate (or BMR) is the first. These are calories we burn when we just lie still. These calories are derived from breathing, blood circulation, and basic physiology.

This accounts for the majority of calories burned by people who have a sedentary job and don’t exercise often. The calories that are burned by eating and digesting food is the second. These are known as the TEF, or Thermic Effect of Food. This account for between 10 and 15% of the daily calories burned by most people. The third category is the calories burnt by physical activity.

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These are the calories you burn by exercising. There are many ways to calculate how many calories you have burned while exercising, and most exercise equipment can do this automatically. There is another way to burn calories through physical activity that is often overlooked. These calories are from NEAT, which stands to non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It’s a lot to take in, so let’s stick with NEAT. NEAT research is being conducted mainly at the Mayo Clinic, but it is also being done elsewhere. One of my colleagues from the University of Michigan is actually working with the Mayo Clinic to study NEAT in a prediabetic rodent model that we are currently studying.

NEAT is basically the energy you burn by moving around. This will account for a lot of your NEAT if you have a job that keeps people active. But tapping your fingers, shifting in your chair, bouncing your leg, etc. All of these activities can help you burn calories. Some people, like me, are very fidgety. My parents always advised me to stop fidgeting when I was a child. Others are sedentary. These ‘innate’ behaviors are responsible for a lot in calorie burning.


According to researchers, fidgeting can vary by as much as a few hundred calories per day between still people and fidgeters. This can result in weight gain of between 10 and 20 lbs. This is a big difference and may explain why some people don’t gain as much weight even though they eat and exercise the same. You don’t have to exercise if you’re a fidgeter or seem to be protected from weight gain. You can lose weight and burn calories by increasing your heart rate. As I have previously mentioned, exercise can also improve cardiovascular strength, muscle tone, and brain function. If you aren’t a fidgety person, you won’t be able to adopt the habit of fidgeting. It seems to be built into our DNA. You can increase your NEAT and burn calories, but it is possible to do many things that can have big results.

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