Stress, fatigue, depression, routine, and hormonal upheaval can all affect your sex life. There are many ways to regain your sexual pleasure, regardless of whether you have erectile dysfunction or a drop in libido. Erogen X have shown great results on many sexual dificulties (erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, hormonal imbalance,…).

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Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to allow satisfactory sexual activity. L-arginine is able to combat these symptoms because it forms nitric oxide (NO), an amino acid, which promotes blood circulation. The molecule relaxes the muscles and vessels, allowing an erection to take place. A regular intake of L-arginine then ensures a stronger and longer erection.

What causes sexual difficulties?

Loss of libido

Consultation in sexology is often required for people who have lost their libido. This sexuality disorder can affect both men and women. It can have a significant impact on your quality of life, and can lead to marital problems or even separation. It is essential for a couple to have harmony and balance.

Hormonal imbalance

Female and male sex hormones influence not only the functioning of the sexual organs but also the libido, as well as the expression of desire. The hormone that controls sexual function in men is testosterone. Sex hormones play an important role in women’s lives. Oestrogen and progesterone increase libido. Women fear the menopause, which can be a stressful and frightening time. Vaginal dryness can also be caused by a lack of oestrogen, making intercourse more painful. To compensate, there are many lubricants that can be used. They can also be valuable allies in the readjusting and reinventing of sexuality.

What are the contributing factors to this?

There are many other factors that could favor certain sexual problems, such as:

  • many pathologies that can lead to depression, anxiety, vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions.
  • Toxic factors: Alcohol can inhibit sexual activity in small amounts. However, if taken over a prolonged period of time and in higher doses, it can cause severe side effects.
  • The following medications can have an effect on sexuality: anxiolytics and psychotropic drugs; antihypertensive medications, anxiolytics and beta-blockers. Do not stop taking any drug if you have problems. Talk to your doctor about how you can adjust your treatment.
  • Psychological factors: If hormonal impregnation occurs, the brain is an important and significant organ for libido. Stress, fatigue and overwork can all impact your sex life. All of these factors can have an impact on your sex life.

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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual breakdown, can happen to anyone of any age. Around 25% of men aged 50-60 and 40% over 60 are affected by erectile dysfunction. Although it is usually only sporadic or intermittent, erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on quality of life and alter self-image, as well as affecting confidence. It can be a vicious circle, sometimes with many parts.

After sexual excitement, the volume of your penis increases, causing progressive rigidity. There are many mechanisms involved. They involve both physiological and organic functions as well as the brain. There are many reasons why an erection may not occur. Psychological factors are often also mentioned.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by fatigue, stress, medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and vascular disease, as well as certain drug treatments. Erectile function can also be affected by smoking and drinking.

As we’ve seen, sexual problems are often multifactorial. Treatment will be multifactorial. To rule out any organic causes, a medical exam will be required. However, it is important to consider the effects of daily living and the psychological, cerebral, and emotional factors. Therefore, it is possible to find solutions to various situations and to restore a satisfying and fulfilling sexual life.

Erogen X, a supplement to increase libido and erection

We have closely examined Erogen X and tested it to provide you with a comprehensive comparative guide to help you in your purchasing decisions.

Erogen X is a nutritional supplement that is made of plants that have been proven to be aphrodisiacs combined with vitamins. It helps increase energy, performance, libido, fertility, sperm production and to maximise sexual stamina. It is therefore widely used as a sexual booster.

Both men and women can use sexual stimulant supplement such as Erogen X.

What are the active ingredients of Erogen X?

Erogen X Pills increase sperm production, testosterone level, fertility and reproduction, but in addition, cognitive abilities are increased and reactivated, which, in general, leads to increased performance, both physically and mentally. Every day, the body needs zinc, folic acid and selenium to function effectively. The proposed dosage already meets the daily requirement, or at least contributes a great deal.

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Often simply called Arginine, L-arginine is one of the semi-essential proteinogenic amino acids. The term semi-essential means that it can not only be absorbed from food, but can also be formed by the body from vitamins and other amino acids. The amino acid L-arginine has long been known to athletes because it results in a noticeable increase in performance in a very short time, not only in sport, but also during sex. Because Arginine promotes fat burning, improves muscle growth, blood circulation and increases the level of performance. If you have high blood pressure, Arginine can reduce it, and Arginine is also particularly important for regulating blood glucose levels, the immune system and the control of blood vessels.

L-arginine is able to combat erectile dysfunction’s symptoms because it forms nitric oxide (NO), an amino acid, which promotes blood circulation. The molecule relaxes the muscles and vessels, allowing an erection to take place. A regular intake of L-arginine then ensures a stronger and longer erection.

Maca extract

In many double-blind scientific studies, the effects of Maca on increasing potency and libido have been clearly demonstrated. When maca was administered, individuals’ desire increased, which had an aphrodisiac effect. In addition to a rapid increase in pleasure, the patients’ quality of life was improved. “More thirst for life” best describes the effect of Maca. Studies also show that a high intake of Maca leads to an improvement in sperm quality, which increases the chances of having children.

Zinc, folic acid and selenium

Folic acid, zinc and selenium are active ingredients essential for potency, fertility, reproduction, sperm production and testosterone levels in humans. They become rarer as we age. Generating nutrients from everyday foods becomes increasingly difficult for the body. On the one hand, we often do not feed ourselves optimally and, on the other hand, over time, the body becomes inefficient in the process of food transformation. However, to consider Erogen X as a simple sexual stimulant would be a mistake, because it is much more than that. In fact, the product aims at a sustained increase in performance and stamina across the board. Instead of a short-term boost, the body will have more energy available in the long term. It is for this reason that it serves as a sexual stimulant, because with more energy, of course, it is possible to stay active for longer, even in bed. It can be an alternative to conventional chemical boosters such as Viagra and have a lasting effect on erectile dysfunction through this blend of active ingredients. Finally, this nutritional supplement also helps to combat frequent fatigue or physical ailments, as well as concentration problems.

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What are the Pro’s & Con’s of Erogen X?


  • Made naturally, without chemicals.
  • Sustainable benefits
  • Highly effective: physical + mental
  • Vegan
  • Long-term consumption possible


  • Does not replace a healthy lifestyle
  • No immediate effect for everybody

How to take Erogen X?

Erogen X is easy to take thanks to the capsule portions. However, you must drink enough liquid for the capsules to reach the stomach and work optimally.

The dosage includes 2 capsules per day, to be taken directly in the morning or before sexual courses. It is also possible to split the intake or take it in the evening, but this will not have a greater effect.

Where is Erogen X produced?

Erogen X is produced in Switzerland. This guarantees high quality production, as the regulations there are strict and only highly controlled production facilities are allowed to produce food supplements.

The manufacturer, Inchealth GmbH, is a Swiss company which, as a production expert, produces food supplements for various brand owners. This is a bid advantage for the customer, because as an expert and producer of several similar products, such dietary supplements can be offered at a lower cost and at a very good quality.

Does the product have an immediate effect?

Many factors are crucial in this respect (age, lifestyle, metabolism) and therefore cannot be considered exhaustive because they are different for each person. In general, the product is designed for long-term use and can therefore support the body permanently, but does not generate immediate effects.

Is Erogen X better than Viagra?

It is more sustainable. Viagra works immediately and provides a short-term erection, with many side effects. Whereas Erogen X neutralises the causes of the impotence problem and helps naturally to find good sex. It also helps to be physically fitter and mentally stronger.

Is andropause linked to men depression?

Andropause correlates directly with depression - a major player in the infamous mid-life crisis period men face in their late 40's to late 50's. There are a huge selection of symptoms and ailments hormone-wrecked men experience in this mid-life transition - everything from the mental (i.e. irritability) to the physical (loss of libido, lack of energy, and weight gain) Depression, left untreated, can be a disabling condition.

What is andropause depression?

Andropause depression is due to falling levels of testosterone. Low testosterone levels cause many depressive symptoms - one of them, a general indifference to events surrounding you, the inability to concentrate, extreme irritability, and memory loss.

We may stress over things which may otherwise be worry-free in a standard situation and brood over specific matters. Our memory may go down the drain and we start to see our lives in a negative light. Energy levels plummet and enthusiasm for the activities we used to appreciate become flat-lined. Insomnia and restlessness is also a frequent symptom.

How is andropause depression tested?

Psychologists use various battery tests to find out whether you suffer from depression. Besides handing you test sheets to work with, they also set you under observation - detecting your behaviour, tendencies, and customs while speaking to them.

Men tend to be rebellious creatures by nature. We love shrugging our flaws and being poised in the middle of emotional trouble. We take on the role as masculine animals - lion kings of the jungle which predominate over the sprawling landscape we call life. Men are in complete denial when it comes to questions about their sexual ability and art.

What to know about the suicide rate in men?

Probably the most shocking fact of all is that the male suicide rate is highest during the Andropause years. You read correctly - highest during the years we are specifically talking about.

How can we deal with these devastating changes to our lives? How do we manage stress to decrease the odds of clinical depression? For one, we have to follow a daily exercise regimen. That coupled with a caffeine-free diet will boost our immune systems to fight disease. Additionally, it will slow down the aging procedure. Aim to maintain that volatile 30-inch, vertical jump well into your 60s!

How to mantain a healthy testosterone level?

Another is performing the activities we love. Don't stray from enjoying with your pick-up basketball games with friends or building those go-carts from scratch for a pastime. Stick to them and enjoy the satisfaction of doing this. Distract yourself from your present condition without ignoring it entirely. Maintain a social network of family and friends that will cheer you up when you need it most.

Something as simple as having your young child shove a hand drawing of a red school bus on your face can supply for laughs and smiles. The most important bit of advice would be to accept your condition and make the best of it. For instance, low testosterone levels can easily be supplemented with testosterone supplements.

How to combat andropausal depression?

It's bound to happen to all people, and you have the option of creating the best of it or allow it to overwhelm you. Awareness is critical, and a positive attitude, followed with physical action and a solid nutritional plan, is the best way of combating Andropause, anti-aging, and the demon called depression.

What causes infertility?

Infertility is caused by hormonal imbalances in women during their reproductive years. This is the period between menarche (first mensis), and menopause (when (mensis ceases). This period is often called andropause in men. Most infertility is secondary to hormonal imbalance. Bad estrogen dominance over progesterone or testosterone (hormone of reproduction or pregnancy) is the main reason.

How to treat infertility?

Infertility can be treated by more than just eliminating excess estrogen (or progesterone deficiencies), but also by balancing all hormones. The body craves balance, and nature tends to wholeness. This requires a multi-pronged approach that takes into account the inter-play between all sex hormones.

A liver friendly diet is the first step in correcting hormonal imbalance. These include healthy living foods, green superfoods (cereal grasses), and raw uncooked foods that are high in enzymes (avocado tomatoes, mangoes. sprouts, green leafy veggies).

How to correct hormonal imbalances?

Raw foods can correct hormonal imbalances. Supplements can help, but they are not a substitute for whole unrefined and unprocessed superfoods that nourish the body to prime it for fertility and ready to have a baby.

Supplements that correct hormonal imbalances include vitamin B-complex, especially B6, and magnesium. They aid in detoxification of the liver, as well as taurine, choline and yellow dock. Controlling stress and distress are other psycho-spiritual ways to reverse infertility. This is because stress can be reacted to in the same way regardless of its cause, whether it is emotional, relational or nutritional.

How are testosterone and acane linked?

Testosterone the male sex hormone is largely the reason for the higher follicle gland activity during these years, and is found in male and less so in females, however the female sex hormone progesterone also leads to acne in girls.

Testosterone stimulates skin oil gland activity, consequently one side effect of the increased hormonal output during adolescent years proves to be acne.

How does testosterone increase your acne chances during puberty?

During puberty, a gland in the brain called the pituitary gland increases the secretion of a hormone known as follicle-stimulating hormone. Testosterone the male sex hormone is largely the reason for the higher skin action during these years, and is found in men and less so in females, however the female sex hormone progesterone also contributes to acne in girls.

Does testosterone stimulate skin oil gland activity?

Testosterone stimulates skin oil gland activity, thus among the undesirable side effects of this increased hormonal output during adolescent years proves to be acne. It's likely that if either parent had a problem with acne the kids will follow suit.

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