Los especialistas en salud de EE.UU. atribuyen las preocupantes estadísticas al estilo de vida poco saludable que lleva la mayoría de los estadounidenses en la actualidad. Esto incluye una mala alimentación, levels, and a lack of regularity in their schedules. Other triggers include bright lights, loud noises, certain odours and perfumes, smoking, consumption and menstrual cycle fluctuations. These triggers are not always easy to avoid.


Many people just want to be safe and minimize or avoid exposure to triggers. This only shows how complicated migraine can be. There are two types of migraine. The first is migraine with aura. This means that the condition causes neurological symptoms such as blind spots, coloured spots and stars, flashing lights in front of the eyes, tunnel vision or temporary blindness, as well as zigzag lines.

Otros síntomas son y (parálisis por desmayo, confusión, , weakness, and ). Migraine without aura is often described to be the first stage of a migraine. It usually lasts about an hour and is often followed by the second type, which can be even worse.

Segundo tipo

Migraine without aura is the second type, which about 80 percent of migraine sufferers actually complain about. The pain is located in the forehead, one or both temples. This type of headache can last for days (upto 72 hours), and can make people feel completely helpless. It’s a combination of extreme sensitivity to light, sound, movement, light, and pain.

Independientemente de si padece lo segundo o lo primero, una cosa es cierta: La migraña puede causar graves problemas en su vida. Es importante buscar tratamiento lo antes posible. Aunque existen medicamentos con receta, es posible que no puedan aliviar todos los síntomas. Hay opciones más seguras y menos tóxicas.


It is important to note that although there is no cure for migraines, pain specialists emphasize that there are ways to reduce the frequency of occurrences and manage pain. Migraine prevention measures include stretching, moving and manipulating the spine. Regular chiropractic treatments have been shown to reduce migraine attacks and pain. People who were previously taking medication no longer had to follow the prescribed dosage or frequency. The pain was also less severe and more manageable.