Triggers are conditions that can make a migraine or headache worse. Triggers are not the cause of headaches or migraines. They are more like a match that lightens the flame. A trigger will push you over the edge if your body is already ripe for a migraine or headache. Are all people affected by the same migraine or headache triggers? No. There are no two triggers. If someone tells you that migraines are not caused by a trigger, it is probably false.


Is it difficult to identify your headache triggers? It is not always easy. Sometimes, the migraine trigger effect will not last 24 hours. This can make it difficult to recall everything one has come in contact with during a day. What are the most common triggers? People are more likely to get headaches and migraines if they are under stress. You should recognize that you will be under stress.

Make an effort to reduce stress by continuing to do things you enjoy, or exercising to increase relaxation. Although it may seem absurd, changes in the weather can trigger migraines and headaches in many people.

¿Por qué?

This is most likely due to changes in barometric pressure, or sensitivity to sunlight. Many people experience headaches when they are exposed to strong smells, chemicals, or pollution. Many people mistakenly believe that this is an allergy. However, these substances can actually trigger migraines.

Avoiding exposure to strong chemicals and fragrances is the best thing to do. Many newer organic/natural cleaning products have significantly lower odors. Red wine, alcohol and preserved meats, aged cheeses, nuts, can all trigger migraines. Although not everyone is affected by food triggers, it is worth keeping a migraine diary to ensure that you can eliminate triggers.