Hubo un tiempo en el que pensaba que las personas que preferían los remedios a base de hierbas a los medicamentos convencionales eran excéntricas y extravagantes. ¿Qué puede haber mejor que los productos farmacéuticos aprobados por la FDA y desarrollados por los mejores científicos para tratar dolencias y mejorar la salud? Se podría pensar que los consumidores podrían confiar en estos productos sin preocuparse por los efectos adversos.


I found out the hard way that my body isn’t well-suited for harsh chemicals so I now rely on all natural solutions. I am fortunate that I don’t get sick as often as I used to. I have only had one cold in my life, but never got the flu or anything more serious. Although I do occasionally experience minor issues, all of these can easily be treated with herbal home remedies. Here are some of my favorite remedies.

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  • Echinacea is my go-to remedy for colds. Echinacea is a well-known herbal home remedy that boosts the immune system. It is the best treatment for me when I feel the symptoms of a cold approaching. Echinacea is believed to prevent colds. I take it occasionally before important meetings, such as critical meetings with clients at Work, to make sure I don’t get sick. Despite my best efforts to eat healthy food, I still sometimes have issues with my digestion.
  • Senna and cascara sagrada are my herbal home remedies when constipation strikes. These teas are available in special teas so I can just have a cup before going to bed to get the results I want.
  • If my digestive problems are more severe and manifest as diarrhea, I either take grapeseed extract capsules (or a tea with blackberry leaf) to get relief. Usually, relief follows within a few hours. Even though I’m an adult, it’s important to have some natural home remedies for acne in case I get a breakout from stress.
  • Tea tree oil and aloe are my go-to remedies for any pimples that threaten to appear. Products containing witch hazel and lavender are also a favorite of mine. They gently cleanse my skin while soothing it.
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These are the herbs I use to treat common ailments. These home remedies are safe and effective, so I recommend them wholeheartedly. You should consult your doctor if you have a serious illness. However, if you are just constipated or have a pimple then you can try these natural remedies.


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