I’m sure you have tried many things to relieve your headaches, including painkillers caffeine. But have you ever tried a simple solution? Every few weeks, I have a bad day. It usually happens after a hard contact sport or poor sleep. My response was to complain to my wife and sit around, hoping for some secondary benefit. In the misguided belief that it would help, I would usually take painkillers and drink more coffee than usual.


Many headache sufferers have similar rituals, according to me. It’s similar to having a cold. People will usually take more supplements when they feel well than when they are sick. Because they don’t want to take action when they are sick. My solution, which I have found to work for many people, requires a slightly different approach.

Take a magnesium powder as soon you feel the headache coming on. Magnesium can relax your blood vessels and muscles. Then, drink lots of water throughout the day to superhydrate your body. This is crucial. I have found that most people are dehydrated all the time in my regular testing with clients.

Dormir bien

You only need to slip a little further to get a headache. This is a simple, yet effective, way to prevent headaches and treat them. It also serves as a health-producing activity. It works! We’ve already mentioned magnesium, which is the most relaxing mineral in your body. However, it is also under threat because we use it at an increased rate when we are stressed or active.

This simple water remedy works the same way as rehydrating dried food. Imagine soaking a bowl of sultans into water. After a while, they begin to plump up. Cells are the same. Many people have cells that look more like grapes than sultanas. These cells are inefficient. Proper hydration can make all the difference.

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Keep drinking. It’s water, and you can’t do anything to it. Some people don’t like drinking a lot of fluids. If this is the case, then you can set out a jug with water every morning and drink a few sips as you go. You can add lemon juice, lime juice, or fresh mint to make plain water taste better. Another option is to change your mind about water. Decide that it’s good for your health and that you enjoy the taste. Concentrate on the benefits.



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