Chronic headaches can be difficult to live with and many people don’t like taking medication every day to manage them. One in six people suffers from headaches. A chiropractor could perform a spinal exam, especially if you have headaches that are stress-related or fatigue related. There are many ways a chiropractor can treat headaches. However, the most effective way to do this is to realign your spine and allow proper joint motion in your neck and upper back.


This will help reduce tension and stress in and around the paravertebral muscle. To get relief from headaches, you must first identify the root cause. Chronic headaches can be caused either by stress, muscle tension or altered spinal biomechanics. To determine if a patient is a candidate to receive spinal manipulative therapy, a chiropractor will conduct a regional exam.

A doctor will treat headaches as a symptom and prescribe medication. However, a chiropractor can often eliminate chronic headaches. A chiropractor is more successful in treating headaches than a doctor because they treat the root cause of the problem. A chiropractor is able to treat headaches because they are often caused due to poor posture, stress, scar tissue, and improper spinal biomechanics.

Spine Adjustment

A chiropractor will make adjustments to your spine and body to relieve pressure and improve your spinal motion and biomechanics. This will prevent scar tissue from forming around the injury area. Massage therapy is another technique that a chiropractor may offer. This type of bodywork can often reduce the severity of headaches caused by tight muscles.

The results will be markedly reduced in chronic headaches due to poor blood circulation and spinal biomechanics. Although many people don’t think of chiropractors as a treatment for chronic headaches, making an appointment to see a chiropractor could prove to be one of your best decisions. It is a safe and effective treatment that anyone suffering from chronic headaches should consider before resorting to daily, sometimes unnecessary medication.

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