The chamomile (also known as wild chamomile) is one of the oldest medicinal plants. It can be found all over the place, along roadsides, in fields, and near houses. Some regions have chamomile fields. The blue-colored flowers – Flores Chamomile – are rich in volatile oil. They have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to calm stomach spasms caused by colitis and gastritis. Some allergies can be helped by chamomile oil’s azulene. Its antiseptic properties and antibacterial qualities are highly valued in scientific medicine.

Chamomile Infusions

Chamomile infusions are effective against diarrhea, stomach ailments, and those of your intestines. It is safe for liver problems. Children are given chamomile tea along with anise and foeniculum to calm their colitis and eliminate gas. Chamomile tea stimulates sweating which lowers fever in colds and flu. Wild chamomile can be used externally for different ailments through cataplasm, enema and throat wash. Wounds that are pussy, bleeding, hemorhoids, or a combination of these conditions, such as throat pains, leucorrheas, dental abscesses, conjunctivitis, and other skin conditions like conjunctivitis, leucorrhea, tooth abscess, and dental abscess.

Chamomile can be used to treat them. Pulverized chamomile flowers can be strewed over sapping eczemas to relieve them. Chamomile can give hair a silky texture and strengthen its roots. It can also soothe red and inflamed skin. New research has shown that whole chamomile flowers are more effective when their stalks and receptacles have been removed. This is because small cells containing volatile oil and azalea are only found on sieved chamomile flowers. They are then removed from the receptacles. Their flavones levels are higher in tubular flowers that in whole ones.

Make This!

To make chamomile infusion, boil one cup of water and add one to two tea spoons of whole or Sieved flowers. Another way is to macerate one to two tea spoons of whole or sieved flowers in half a cup cold water for 30 minutes. The liquid should be strained and put aside. Pour half a cup boiling water over the flowers and let it sit for 15 minutes. Mix the liquids together by allowing them to percolate. This is how most of the active elements in the flowers are extracted. To make baths, place in a satchel a few handfuls of pulverized flowers and then pour boiling water over them. This will allow the bath to reach the desired temperature. After that, you can use it however you like. Chamomile can be used to treat burns.

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Prepared this way: 10 grams of dried flowers (two spoons) are mixed with one spoon of alcohol and then moistened with another spoon. After a few hours, add 100 grams of sunflower to the mixture and heat it in a water bath (a recipient that is filled with water and you place the recipient with the chamomile) until the alcohol has vaporized. Mix the oil frequently during this time. Allow to cool and then squeeze. Keep the oil in colored bottles at low temperatures.

One author suggests that headaches be avoided by taking 1 gram of pulverized Chamomile flowers after eating. Infuse 15 grams (3 tablespoons) of chamomile flowers with 200 grams of water to make a throat wash or eyebath. After 10-15 minutes, let the liquid cool and then add 4 grams boric acid. Compresses can be used to treat dry, flaky, wrinkled skin. The skin can be radically cleared by steam baths with chamomile.


If you have stomach distension, chamomile tea made from this recipe is recommended: chamomile, finical, two spoons each, round dock, sweet wood roots, mint leaves, four spoons each. Take 2 spoons of the mixture and add 2 gasses water. After 15 minutes, let the liquid cool and then add sugar. Take a quarter cup of tea throughout the day. The following plant mixture can be used to treat gastritis or enteritis: chamomile (or milfoil), wormwood, mind, and garden sage. Infuse the mixture with a glass water. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, pour the liquid into a glass of water and let it cool. A tea made from 40 grams of chamomile and 30 grams mint leaves, along with 30 grams of odolean, is recommended for the relief of painful periods. Boil one teaspoon of this mixture in a cup water. Add sugar to the percolate and enjoy 2-3 cups of tea daily.

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Herbal Medicines

Surprisingly, you’ll find natural or herbal products in almost every store. You can find millions of natural products, from herbal medicines to supplements. How did the craze for herbal products begin? The media hype created a lot of buzz about herbal products. All of this was about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet. The world is not new to herbal medicine. This type of medicine can be traced back thousands of years to ancient times when our ancestors tried out the effectiveness of herbal medicines and natural tonics. It all started in 2800 B.C.

It is now the turn of the modern world, to benefit from the healing effects of natural medicines. The wonders of herbal medicine account for a large portion of human history. According to archeological records, that’s approximately 5,000 years. Since then, natural or herbal medicines have been effective in treating a variety of health problems. Herbal medicines can also be used to improve overall health and well-being.

Natural Medicines

Natural medicines offer many other benefits, as well as fewer side effects. It is more potent and effective than traditional medicines. This is why people are increasingly choosing alternative medicine, even though the results may vary from one person to another. The human genetics and the time it takes for herbs to work depend heavily on their effectiveness. Their effectiveness is determined by the strength of herbs and how they are exposed to light and air.

Glaucoma, inflated prostates glands, and so forth. Pregnant women or those who are still nursing must be careful when using herbal products. Avoid having plastic or cosmetic surgery. Instead, try herbal skincare and weight loss products. They are much cheaper than the traditional methods.


Herbal treatment is becoming more popular for these products. To be safe, always do extensive research on herbal products with a qualified medicine practitioner. Although it can heal many ailments in a cheaper and more cost-effective way, there are pros and cons to using herbal medicine. All herbal medicines are tested and certified by FDA or another relevant authority. Sometimes, herbal medicines can cause health problems. These cases are rare as almost all companies test their products to avoid any potential problems and use only beneficial herbs. It is best to seek the guidance of an herbal medicine practitioner. Consult with a general practitioner if you are unsure about herbal products.

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