Around 1 % of Cerebral stroke victims are aged 60-65 years. Cerebral stroke is not common below the age of 40. Cerebral stroke is caused by a disruption in blood supply to a particular part of the brain. A small interruption in blood supply to a brain part can cause it to stop functioning. This could lead to speech disorder, unconsciousness, paralysis, or even coma.

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  • Brain hemorhage: A sudden rupture of a blood vessel within the Brain that causes severe blood loss and damage in the affected area of the Brain. This results in the organ not functioning as it is controlled.
  • Thrombosis refers to the coagulation or enlargement of blood vessels. The blood is in liquid form and circulating in the blood vessels does the rest of the body’s work. A clot forms when blood coagulates, causing clogging of very small blood vessels in the brain.

Affected Area

The brain’s affected area does not receive blood supply, causing regional damage and impairment of the functions of the affected organ. Hemorrhage is a condition that affects 10 to 15% of Stroke patients. This is a serious condition that can lead to death in 25- 50 % of patients. A specialist neuro physician should be consulted immediately. 75 % of patients experience hemorhage from high blood pressure. Other causes include malformations of the blood vessels, local inflammation, hemophilia, and Brain Injury. Thrombosis is a common problem in stroke patients.

It can be caused by Diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol in the blood. This causes vessels to become constricted, causing blockage. Patients with rheumatic heart disease are also at risk. The following symptoms may be present before the attack: loss of vision, weakness in limbs, and unconsciousness. These symptoms disappear quickly, and the patient is able to regain consciousness within minutes or hours. However, it is important to not ignore these initial symptoms.

Cerebral Stroke

It is preventable if treated promptly. Before blockage of blood vessels occurs, the patient may experience headaches for a while before Cerebral Stroke develops. Sometimes, speech may be lost. 10% of patients may experience different symptoms such as severe Headache, Vertigo and Vomiting. They may also see two objects instead of one. Cerebral Stroke due to hemorhage is a sudden condition in which the patient is fully conscious and performing work. Instantaneously, the patient goes into coma. The patient should be admitted immediately to a hospital and placed under the care of a Neuro Physician.

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To determine the cause of Cerebral Stroke, patients should have their blood sugar, electrolytes, ECG, and blood sugar checked by a physician. The first 48 to 72 hours are critical. Based on the findings of the investigation, neurologic advice should be given and treatment should be initiated. The patient should be monitored for blood pressure and prescribed medication to clear the thrombus.


The Physiotherapist should discuss with the patient the exercises that can be done to rejuvenate the affected area. It is important to control Hypertension, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol. If the patient has Cardiac involvement or Hypertension, it is important to receive regular treatment.

  • The patient with Cerebral Stroke must continue to take the medication throughout their lives so that there is no relapse.
  • Complete recovery can take several months or even years. This is a slow process.
  • It is important to advise the patient to continue with their normal work.
  • Some residual defects may remain after a long period of illness. These can be reduced with regular exercise.

Alternative Treatment

Do you want to increase your weight loss efforts?

  • Acupuncture balances your endocrine system (thyroid and adrenals) and metabolism!
  • It aids the liver and kidneys to better process toxins.
  • It improves the function of the pancreas and can help with insulin, cortisol, and brain chemistry.
  • You can metabolize more efficiently and faster.

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Nearly 93 million Americans are obese. This number is expected to rise to 120 million in the next five years. 20 million Americans have diabetes, and 20 million more have impaired glucose tolerance (prediabetes). This is a strong risk factor that will lead to developing diabetes later in life. The U.S. is home to 70% of the diabetes risk. It’s not worth the health risks. Add to the list of problems that can be caused by weight gain: heart attack, strokes, cancer, high cholesterol (65 million Americans have it), depression, loss of self-esteem, gall bladder disease and gall bladder disease.

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Recent studies have shown that morbidly obese people had a 52 percent higher death rate from cancer than normal-weight men and women. Higher BMI (body mass index) is associated with higher mortality rates from cancers in both men and women. This includes the esophagus and colon, colon, rectum, liver and gallbladder, pancreas and kidney. The same trend applies for cancers of breast, uterus and cervix in women and cancers in the stomach and prostate in men. Nearly half of women diagnosed with breast cancer after their first menopause have a higher than average BMI. What you focus on is what gets accomplished. Your mental focus is key to your success.

Mental Commitment

Your mental commitment is crucial. Your nutritional goals should reflect your desire to be healthier inside and out. Everyone may be raving about how beautiful you look, but it is your health that should be the priority. Weight affects your longevity! How does acupuncture work. Acupuncture affects all organ systems, including the stomach, liver and kidneys, as well as the endocrine system. Your body functions more efficiently and becomes more balanced. You have more energy to exercise, mental discipline, and more vitality. What are the recommended treatments? It depends on how committed you are to the treatment.

Overeaters may benefit initially from 5 daily treatments, then 1-2 times per semaine. For those who want to lose 5-10 lbs, you should do this 1-2 times per week for 10-12 weeks. Ear points and acupuncture body are used. To reduce cravings, ear tacks and press pellets can be placed in the ear. A more alkaline blood system (vs. acidic), will lose weight faster.


Your system may be acidic or co-exists with yeast, bacteria overgrowths or fungus, which can lead to more difficulty and less desirable results. What can you expect to see? If used correctly, Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), can help you lose weight. These herbs support the liver, kidney and body processes and help to accelerate natural weight reduction. CHM does not recommend products that stimulate the thyroid or adrenals. Many American supplements contain caffeine and other products that can be harmful to these glands. Your practitioner will create a customized formula for you. Each formula is unique and will work best for you.

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