Americans are slowly realizing that food is sometimes the best medicine. A balanced, nutrient-rich, healthy diet is good for the body, mind, and heart. Wait, are certain foods also beneficial for penis health? Yes, they can. Continue reading to discover more about the penis-power foods that can be eaten for a host benefits for the big li’l guy. There are many foods that increase testosterone and boost .

What To Eat?

  • Salmon – This delicious fish is rich in y . D helps to support testosterone levels and maintain sperm health.
  • Avocado – Full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, avocados boost heart health. Folic acid is also a major component of avocados, which regulate prolactin, the hormone that lifts your libido.
  • Popeye was right about – Popeye. This leafy green is rich in magnesium, which is a vital nutrient to maintain healthy testosterone levels as men age.
  • Bok Choy – This cruciferous vegetable contains glucobrassicin. This compound aids the body in getting rid excess libido-killing hormone . It also boosts sex drive.
  • Celery – This veggie’s “sperm projectile” properties are not the only thing that makes people crazy. It is made from two steroids, androsterone (androstanol) and androstanol (androstanol). Celery contains androsterone and androstanol, which attract the opposite sexual pleasure and significantly amplify arousal. L-arginine is also found in it, which expands blood vessels to improve erections.
  • Figs – These delicious bits of goodness are full of fiber, potassium, magnesium, and other sexy-time-makers. This combination increases the release of pheromones, which results in more amour. is a brain problem that requires some Olympic-level swimmers to achieve the gold. You’ll soon be singing lullabies if you eat one to two of these foods each day.
  • Oysters – Two oysters a day is all it takes to get your daily dose of zinc. This mineral boosts sperm count and motility.
  • Carrots – A favorite food for the baby-making bunny is carrots. They are high in vitamin A, which regulates progesterone (a hormone that encourages sperm formation).
  • Brazil Nuts – Take a few a day to get a huge dose of selenium. This is crucial for sperm production as well as motility. These foods will (clap!) pump you up! To make your pony a Arabian horse, add one every day.
  • Beets – Ok, so beets can be a love-it or hate it kind of thing. Men everywhere should get on board. Beets are rich in nitrates which make them great vasodilators. They can open blood vessels and stimulate blood flow to promote stronger, longer erections.
  • Bananas – It’s no wonder that Chiquita banana lady looks so happy. Bromelain is an enzyme that thins blood and increases testosterone. Bananas are rich in bromelain. Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps blood circulate and brings a metaphorical banana to the waist.
  • Chilies – The penis power food for the penis is no surprise. Capsaicin is a chemical that stimulates nerves, and increases heart rate. They also flood the body in endorphins and other “feel good”, hormones that increase sex intensity. These penis power foods are good for your overall health and should be a part of your balanced diet.
  • Sardines – This silvery fish, loved by the Keto crowd, contains almost one-third of a person’s daily vitamin D intake. It has been proven to maintain testosterone levels and prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • Apples – Because they contain the flavonoid quircetin, apples reduce prostate-specific androgen-regulated tumor markers in prostate cells. This can help lower a man’s chance of developing prostate cancer. You can supplement your penis power food plan by adding something that delivers multiple and minerals in one easy swipe.