Imagine you’re on vacation for two weeks. On the day you leave, a storm knocks out power at your house until you return home. You find a wide variety of bacteria, fungus, and mold in your refrigerator. But you swear they weren’t there when it was time to leave. They were indeed there! The environment became more favorable for their development. The same thing happens to your body when you alter the pH balance. PH stands for potential hydrogen. It is the concentration of hydrogen ions within a substance. A higher number indicates it is more acidic.


A lower number means that the substance is more acidic, which means that it has less potential to absorb hydrogen ions. The body’s pH is important because it controls enzyme activity and electricity. As you know, molds, fungus and bacteria are constantly attacking us. They are becoming more deadly with each passing year. An imbalance in alkalinity can create favorable conditions for the growth and development of these “bad guys”. Although all cells are slightly acidic, the metabolic waste that they produce is acidic. It is important to realize that other bodily systems responsible for removing this waste should also be functioning well.

There are two possible problems if they are not. First, the waste is building up at the cellular level and will start to affect vital cell activity. The systems that are supposed clean up this mess are not working properly. As you may have guessed, there is the possibility of a third or fourth system being affected. This is because your acid/alkaline ratio is out of balance. Acidosis is the term we need to use at this point. It is most likely to be the root cause for many bodily problems.


Acidosis refers to a lack of calcium and oxygen that are essential for maintaining your body’s alkaline levels. Calcium is what holds you together. Calcium attaches to at least seven molecules and moves into and out of cells, supplying them with nutrients. Recent evidence suggests that calcium deficiency is a major cause of many of our health problems. Calcium creates a buffer which controls the alkaline levels in your blood. If your blood becomes too acidic, you will die instantly. Your body will take calcium from your bones, tissues, and teeth if you don’t get enough.

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Your body will become more acidic, which makes it more difficult to absorb oxygen. The ‘bad guys’ thrive without enough oxygen and disrupt cellular activity. This can lead to a greater imbalance in your body. Most people think of osteoporosis as calcium depletion when they hear the term calcium. They believe they can fix this condition by simply drinking milk.


Osteoporosis is actually caused by your body stealing calcium from your bones, teeth, and bones. Consuming a lot of dairy products without addressing the acid/alkaline imbalance is counterproductive. How can we control this situation? Increase your intake of greens, tomatoes and blueberries, as well as black beans, walnuts, and other oats.

Limit your intake of phosphates such as those found in animal protein and carbonated drinks. A calcium supplement that is fully absorbable should be added. Reduce the intake of processed foods and high fructose corn syrup. Day 17 – Everything is the same. I have had no new psoriasis outbreaks and itching is much less.

Formas naturales

Your colon was designed by nature to remove waste material and bacteria, absorb water and mineral salts, and maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. Because of impacted fecal material, a colon that is unable to perform these functions properly can spread toxins throughout the body. An unhealthy bowel can lead to many health problems such as constipation, abdominal pain, and energy deficiency. People consume large amounts toxic substances every day, such as caffeine, sugar, white flour and aspartame, microwave-cooked foods, hydrogenated fats, deep fried foods, and other processed foods.

This results in a lot of unwanted matter in the colon. Colon cleansing is an easy and natural way to get rid of unwanted accumulations. There are many lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your colon health. You must make some changes to your diet in order to begin the colon cleansing process. Our diets are often full of foods that have been altered from what nature intended.

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The colon naturally cleanses itself after nutritional improvements. You must consume sufficient fiber, 25-30g per day, either dissolved in water or eaten as food, to begin colon cleansing. Water is vital for healthy colon. A person should consume half of their body weight in ounces pure non-carbonated water to stimulate natural peristaltic activity. For example, 150 lbs would mean that 75 ounces (or approximately 2 liters) of water should be consumed. Your colon will recover if you drink enough water and eat enough fiber. A mild colon cleanse can be done with herbs.

Herbal colon cleanses are great for removing fecal matter, preventing toxin formation, killing harmful bacteria and parasites, as well as improving the function of the colon muscles to promote regular and natural bowel movements. The traditional colon cleansing herbs have been tried for centuries. All herbs used in colon cleansing recipes have liver cleansing or cathartic properties. Senna, cascara Sagrada, ginger, cayenne pepper, and aloe leaf help to eliminate impurities from your colon by stimulating bowel movement.


Each herbal colon cleanse recipe contains a bitter plant that stimulates bile flow to cleanse liver. For example, barberry, which stimulates the liver and gall bladder. Because they kill harmful bacteria, garlic and fennel have purifying properties. These plants prevent gas formation. Colon cleansing herbs can be purchased in most health shops. Make sure to read the label carefully.

Many excellent colon cleansing teas can be purchased in ready-to-use packets. These should be used in moderation to avoid dehydrating yourself. You will gain more knowledge and be able to adjust the herbs to achieve the desired results. Continue to eat fiber, such as wheat germ, oat bran, and rice bran cereals, when you are doing a colon cleanse. You will see a greater success rate in returning your colon back to its healthy state if you make lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy foods, good supplements, and drinking enough fluids.

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