can be caused by tension, anxiety, nervous tension or poor sitting position. Do you know that headaches can be caused by the expansion of blood vessels in your head? Headache can also result from colds, flu, or digestive problems. Ouch. Do not worry. There are five effective ways to get rid of headaches.

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  • Massage your temples with lavender to relieve tension headaches. You can also place your fingers on the top of the spine, where the skull meets your neck. Move your fingers 5cm away from the base of your skull to create a small indentation on each side. Use firm pressure to the pads of your fingers and make a small rotation with your fingers. As you apply pressure, your fingers will feel tender. You can massage deeper. Relax and take a deep breath while you massage. This should be done for between one and three minutes. Repeat this process as many times as you wish.
  • See blend can help ease tension. Make a 250ml cup of and add 1 teaspoon fresh chopped root. Let the ginger simmer in the water for 5 minutes in a covered saucepan. Then add 1 teaspoon dried and 1 tablespoon dried linden flowers and steep for a further ten minutes. Strain the tea and enjoy it hot. If desired, sweeten the tea with brown sugar.
  • Lavendel on suurepärane vahend peavalu vastu, sest see võib vähendada stressitaset ja vaimset pinget. Lisage kaussi viis tilka lavendli eeterlikku õli ja viis tilka majoraani eeterlikku õli. Pärast leotage kaks rätikut soojas vees, väänake need õrnalt välja. Asetage üks rätik otsaesisele ja teine kaelale. 30 minuti pärast tunnete end lõdvestunult.
  • can help with and tension. Use half a teaspoonful of valerian extract to dilute in warm water. Take one cup of valerian extract every 30 minutes until the pain goes away. You can only take 3 teaspoons of valerian per day.
  • Lõpuks võite oma jalad 15 minutiks kuuma vette kasta. Vett tuleks kuumutada nii palju, et teie jalad suudaksid seda taluda. Võite kasutada ka jäävett, milles leotada rätik ja panna külmad kompressid otsaesisele, templitele või seljale. See suurendab verevoolu jalgadesse ja ahendab veresooni peas, mis vähendab verevoolu ja seega ka valu.


Here are five natural ways to stop a headache. To stop your headache, you don’t necessarily have to visit a doctor or take painkillers. These are a great and simple way to reduce the pain.