People forget that headaches are not something that is normal. Headaches are not something that should be common, and should not be ignored. Sometimes headaches are a sign of something more serious. However, even if it isn’t, there are natural ways to prevent headaches from happening. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches. Many people don’t drink enough water. However, even if they do, the water has often been filtered so that it doesn’t contain vital minerals that aid in hydration.

Kas teadsid?

Although there are many sports drinks that claim to help, such as PowerAde and Gatorade, these often contain added sugars or artificial ingredients that cause more harm than good. The importance of electrolytes in water should not be overlooked. There is an easier and cheaper way to do this. Simply add salt to your water every day.

Kuigi ma tahaksin öelda, et võite kasutada mis tahes soola, mis teile meeldib, kasutab enamik inimesi töödeldud soola, mis ei ole tervisele kasulik ja ei võimalda neil korralikult hüdreeruda.

Pea meeles

There are many salts that you can find that are inexpensive and easy to find that will not only help with your hydration but also help you absorb other minerals, vitamins, and keep you from getting headaches. Redman’s “real” salt or Celtic Sea Salt are the salts I recommend.

Mõlemat võib leida kohalikest tervisepoodidest. Üks supilusikatäis mõlemat soola tuleb lahustada kahes veekoguses vees. Veekogus, mida peaksite jooma untsides, on võrdne poolega teie kehakaalust kilogrammides. Kui te kaalute 150 kilo, jagage see arv kahega, et saada 75 untsi päevas.


Need kaks sammu, mis hõlmavad õiget soola ja õiget veekogust, tagavad, et olete korralikult hüdreeritud. Samuti väheneb peavalu, suureneb energia ja paraneb keskendumisvõime. Lõpetage oma kehale vajalike mineraalide eitamine ja paranege kohe!