Understanding ejaculation is key to delaying it. I understand what you are thinking. What joy could premature ejaculation bring? It’s embarrassing, it can wreak havoc on self-esteem, and it leaves my partner frustrated, unhappy, and unsatisfied. Okay, here’s the good news: premature ejaculation is a joy! It’s not like erectile problems where you have a problem. It is possible to correct it without the need for pills, pumps, or anything like that.


Let’s first define premature ejaculation before we get into the three steps to delay it. There are many ways to define PE and the severity will vary depending on the individual. We will refer to it as reaching the climax before your partner is ready. This is a slightly different definition, but let me explain.

First, there is no “qualifying period” for how long sex should go on. There is no “magic number” to aim for. What’s the point of getting all worked up with your partner, then stripping down naked and having an orgasm in four minutes? The reason I added “before one’s spouse is ready” to the phrase “before you are ready” was because men have unrealistic expectations about their sexual prowess.

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Statistics show that the average man only lasts between 5 to 7 minutes. We want to delay ejaculation for long enough to let your partner enjoy the experience. These steps are not going to let you “last all night”, but will allow you to delay ejaculation. Quick biology lesson. Two things are required to expel the semen from a man’s penis. Expulsion. Emission is basically the movement of semen to the base and expulsion is the contraction that expels it. This bodily reaction can’t be stopped once the process has begun. Your leg will jerk if a Dr. taps your knee with a hammer. It would be best to stop him before he touches your knee.

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When arousal occurs, ejaculation begins. These are the three steps that will delay ejaculation. These steps are easy to follow. Good luck! Step 1 To Delay ejaculation – Delay Arousal. Arousal is more that “being horny”, it is a physical response that the body has. The first step in attempting to delay ejaculation, is to delay awakening. This is actually much easier than it sounds.

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Each person is different. Finding something your partner likes is key. However, you don’t have to get into your “motor racing” completely. Talking dirty might be an example. Perhaps your partner loves it when you talk dirty, but you feel silly. Talk to your partner about the dirty things. This will not only rouse them but also yours. Step 2 to Delay Emaciation -Positions.

We all know the expression “Location Location Location Location!”. This step can be described as “Position Position, Position, Position”. This step is closely related to arousal. Certain things can arouse people. However, certain positions can also arouse them. You can communicate well or use trial and error to find a position that is both stimulating for you and your partner, but also allows you to be “emission-free”.

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Relax and take comfort in the fact, that every sexually active man has experienced early climax. You can bet that if every male sexually active has experienced it, then chances are that most female sexually active men have. Sex should be fun and not stressful. To delay ejaculation, follow the three simple steps.

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