UTIs are a common condition that affects women more than men. However, they are not uncommon in men. A male UTI can cause burning pains in the penis and urination problems. Although there is no way to prevent this painful occurrence from happening, it is possible to save your men from suffering for many days. Men can reduce their chances of getting a UTI by following these simple tips for penis care. What is a urinary tract infections? UTI (urinary tract infection) is when bacteria (usually E.choli) enters the urethra, burrowing inward, and stimulating the body’s immune system.

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The disease is more common in women than in men due to their shorter urethras. However, it can be easily transmitted to men. Poor hygiene and unprotected anal sexual sex are common causes of male UTIs. What are the symptoms of UTI?

  • Fever (in some cases). A urinalysis may need to be done if any of these symptoms are present. Antibiotics are usually used to treat a UTI. A UTI can present with similar symptoms to other medical conditions. Because the type and dosage of antibiotics used will depend on the bacteria present, most doctors will request a urine sample to confirm diagnosis. The test can be done in an outpatient setting in under 30 minutes. Results are usually available within an hour.
  • Keep the penis area and surrounding areas clean. You can prevent infection by washing your genital area well.
  • Before handling the goods, wash your hands. Hand washing can prevent the urethra, which is located at the tip of your penis, from coming into contact with harmful bacteria.
  • Keep your hair short. Microorganisms like warm, moist, dark places, and the pubic hairs provide that environment. This is especially true when there are stale urine, droplets or semen, as well as other bodily effusions that can be trapped in long, thick hair. These can be cut down or shaved off to reduce the chance of a bacterial colony establishing itself.
  • Be careful when choosing partners. Although sexually transmitted infections are more serious than UTIs, it is important to choose carefully who one invites to a romantic evening. Although it can be uncomfortable at times, honest conversations about past medical conditions and hygiene habits can help prevent many unpleasant problems. Unscrupulous partners can lead to contamination that could lead to many different infections.
  • Protect your partner. Protect yourself.
  • Keep hydrated. Water is essential for all aspects of your health. Hydration is particularly important for flushing the bladder and urinary tract. For those who have frequent infections, natural juices high in acid such as pineapple or cranberry are recommended. Men should be careful about drinking sweetened beverages, as they can create a favorable environment for bacteria.
  • Moisturize and nourish. Even the most meticulous of men can harbor bacteria and other microbes in their groins due to the environment. To make the under-drawers less inviting for microorganisms, ensure that the penis skin is intact.
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Men are proud of their scrotum and penis, but many men don’t know much about the inner workings of these body parts. This can have a negative impact on their health. Even men who are familiar with epididymitis might not know what it is, or how it could affect their private parts. This can lead to penis pain, and other unpleasant symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, epididymitis is “an inflammation of the coiled tube (“epididymis”) at the back testicle that stores sperm and carries it.” It is very tight indeed. If it were to be straightened, it would measure between 6-7 meters.

The epididymis is more than just a place to store and transport sperm. It also helps them mature. The epididymis is the first place where sperm enters. It cannot swim forward to infuse fertilization in an egg. These abilities are acquired over the next 2 to 3 months, so that when it is released during the ejaculation, sperm can fulfill its fertilization mission. These are some common symptoms that can occur when the epididymis is inflamed. Swelling. This is the most common symptom.


The epididymis swelling causes a bulge in the back of your scrotum. The swelling is often accompanied by warmth and reddening, especially for men with lighter skin tones. Discomfort. The swelling causes the scrotum and testicles to become sensitive to touch. Sometimes, there may be pain in the penis when the man urinates. Sometimes, the pain may radiate to the pelvic region. This can also affect sexual activity, as it can cause pain during ejaculation. Discharge or bleeding. Apart from urination and ejaculation, there may be a discharge from your penis.

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Sometimes, blood may also appear in your semen. Fever. Sometimes, inflammation can also be accompanied by fever. Epididymitis can be classified as either “acute” or “chronic”, depending on whether it is temporary or chronic. It may last for six weeks or more, or recur after the initial symptoms have disappeared. Epididymitis can be caused by many things. Men who are sexually active are most at risk from sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia or gonorrhea. Unprotected sex can pose a risk to your health.

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The bacterial infection can also be transmitted from other sources. Sometimes, a urinary tract infection can infect the epididymis. Rarely, an infection in bloodstream such as tuberculosis could reach the epididymis. In rare cases, heart medications can cause inflammation in the scrotum. If you notice swelling in your scrotal area, it is important to have it checked. In order to clear epididymitis, especially in men who are sexually active, antibiotics may be necessary. The doctor may recommend that the area be given rest for a few days. If the pain persists, an athletic strap may be recommended and painkillers prescribed. Good penis care includes paying attention to epididymitis.


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