People don’t start their day expecting to be diagnosed with a serious illness. Every day, more people find out they have a serious illness. The disease of cancer is a topic that is often discussed with great anxiety on the part of the patient and much regret on the part of the doctor. Medical science has yet to discover a cure for cancer. Many people take every precaution possible to reduce their chances of getting it. As more evidence becomes available, doctors are recommending steps to improve the body’s ability against cancer.

Immune System

The body’s ability detect and eliminate threats increases when the immune system is stronger. People can improve their immune system by doing many things. Exercise, proper rest, and a healthy diet can help your body fight off disease. Although it is not possible to eliminate the possibility of getting cancer or any other type of disease, these steps can help to reduce the risk. SARS was not a new phenomenon. The number of deaths in developed countries prompted worldwide concern. SARS is a very serious disease. The rapid spread of the disease has caused distress and concern for many.

Despite the fact that SARS spread quickly, many people took unusual precautions such as wearing gloves and surgical masks in public. However, many people were still affected by the disease. A disease like this can spread quickly and vaccines are not available in time. Therefore, the first line defense is a strong immune system. This is why many people take proactive steps to strengthen their immune system. The avian flu brought panic and fear to the forefront. The first outbreak became the main story for many days after it was reported in the news. Many of the victims were not treated by doctors. SARS and bird flu viruses spread quickly and can be difficult to control. Once it’s contracted, it’s even more difficult to eradicate.

Everyday Challenges

A strong immune system is the best defense against this disease. We see again the importance of building the immune defense system. Everyday challenges are something we all face. Every day brings new challenges. We try to make progress, and that means facing the obstacles that slow us down. It is fair to say that illness can cause serious harm to our health and our ability to make progress.

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Making small lifestyle changes can help your body fight infection before it has a chance to spread. One of the paradoxes to making an effort to boost your immune systems is that you don’t know what diseases you have avoided or which viruses you have been able to eradicate. You will notice that you are not as sick as your friends and family over time. Although people don’t want to be sick, many won’t take the simple steps toward a healthier future. You will be different and live a longer, healthier life by learning how to build the strongest immune system.

Immune System

Sometimes, American practices in treating our health leave a lot to be desired. It seems that we prefer to treat diseases and physical problems rather than preventing the causes. I believe that the medical profession will ignore, hide, or avoid any form of natural treatment and prevention. It is important to be informed about all options available for your health. Growing up, I was familiar with an old saying that an ounce prevention is worth a thousand cures. It’s hard to remember who said it, but I think it was my mom.

She was 95-100 lbs and soaked wet. She was tired of hearing people tell her to stop smoking due to the potential health problems it could cause. She made the comment to those who were overweight and ate a lot of donuts at their coffee breaks. To cut a long story, mom suffered from poor health and was forced to live a shorter life. Who knows if the ounces of prevention that she took up the habit would have prevented the diseases. Her attackers likely had similar, if not worse, health problems than her obesity problem.

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Eating Habits

Cutting down on unhealthy eating habits would have been their ounce prevention. Chances are, if you bring up a health concern to your doctor, he or she will not be willing to discuss any preventative measures you could have taken. There is a good chance that the main topic will be to try this or that treatment. You may also need to run several tests before you get on the drug treadmill. While prevention options can seem expensive, the cost is much less than the pound. You probably know that there is no money to make with healthy patients. Most TV commercials focus on the availability of another miracle drug that you can ask your doctor for.

This makes it seem like you are obligated to consult your doctor about any ailment, real or imagined. Take control as a consumer. Make sure you are aware of preventatives and other options than surgery and drug regimens. You can always ask your doctor for recommendations on disease prevention. Most likely, you will get a generalized or non-specific answer without any details. This is especially true if the doctor suggests that you visit the health food store. It is becoming too common to rely on prescriptions.


This is a serious concern. If you don’t believe this, why does the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) issue warnings about antibiotic overuse? Do your research if the doctor refuses to or is unable to spend the time to show you how to keep you immune system healthy so you don’t get sick. The doctor will need to wait for you to be able to get the pound of treatment. Once he has finished, he will grab the prescription pad and you can visit the pharmacy.

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