Migraine headaches affect approximately 10% of the population. This number could be higher, as migraine headaches are often not diagnosed. Anyone who has ever suffered from migraines knows how painful and debilitating they can be. Migraine headaches can strike at any time, and it is difficult to manage them at work.

Migraine Headaches

It can be frustrating for employers if employees suffer from migraine headaches frequently. This can cause productivity to drop drastically. What can an employer or employee do to reduce the number of migraines at work? Employers should be supportive of employees who are suffering from migraines. They may experience severe pain, limited vision, nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light, noise, and movement.

Most sufferers still have mild headaches, stiffness, and sensitive stomachs even after the migraine is over. They may feel depressed and unable think clearly. You should not assume that migraines are like a normal headache. Your employee may need special accommodations. Your employer should be aware that you are prone to migraines. They may be more understanding if your employee has to call in sick or come in sick.


There are many factors that can cause migraine headaches. These many factors can vary greatly from one person to the next. While some of these triggers are not easily controlled by your work habits or lifestyle, others can be. If you are a female or have a family history, you are at greater risk of getting migraine headaches.

Stress, certain foods, and environmental factors are all factors that can be controlled. You may want to keep track of your food intake if you suffer from migraines. This will allow you to see which foods are associated with migraines. There are many potentially dangerous foods, but it would be nearly impossible to avoid all of them. You will need to make a more tailored list. Employers and employees can make small changes to help prevent migraines from occurring. A few simple changes can make offices more welcoming to migraine sufferers.

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What To Do?

Reduce fluorescent lighting as much possible. The bright, unforgiving light of fluorescent lights can cause glare on many surfaces, including computer screens. Fluorescent lights are often installed in offices, making it more difficult to avoid. Instead, consider buying a few desk and standing lamps and turning off overhead lights. It is not expensive and could save you money on your electricity bill.

It will provide great relief for migraine sufferers. Migraine sufferers need to take breaks from the computer every hour to avoid eye strain. Employers should encourage employees to make lifestyle changes to reduce the chance of getting migraines. Employees should be encouraged to have a regular sleep routine. This may mean that they can work less if they are particularly busy. Encourage them to eat healthy meals. Your office may offer healthy snacks to employees.

Employees can be encouraged to take advantage of lunch breaks, rather than forcing them to work through them. Employees must also avoid stress. Encourage employees to have a positive work-life balance. Your office’s health is dependent on how active and social employees are. A friendly work environment is also important.


Allow your employees to socialize and unwind. Employees often feel anxious for long periods of time, which can lead to high stress levels that can trigger migraines. Employees must take responsibility for their health. Talk to your doctor if you feel like you are suffering from migraines. If you suspect that you have a more serious neurological condition, it is important to get a diagnosis.

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The medical field has made significant progress in migraine medicine. Some of these medications may help to reduce your symptoms, while others may make it less severe. According to the Wall Street Journal, doctors can help you recognize early warning signs like mood changes, increased thirst or hunger, increased urine production, fatigue, muscle stiffness, and digestive changes. You can usually prevent migraines from fully developing if you take action before they occur. Employees would be able to relax and adjust their schedules for the next day.

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