It’s almost the new year’s eve. Everyone’s new year’s resolutions are probably complete by now. You’re likely to be able to do the same things next year as you did the previous year. A healthy lifestyle is likely one of your recurring goals. This reminds of a story that I once read. One January day, a gym member complained to his manager. He complained about the high cost of the gym and why there weren’t more machines. Each of the 16 treadmills was not enough, as each one required a long wait. He was calm and even laughed as the manager suggested that he give it a month.

Did you know?

The number of people who go to the gym will drop in a month. It is true that people who went to the gym less frequently after January ended was true. These were people who had probably resolved to exercise, and they did in the beginning. They quit soon after. I’m not sure what the reason was for their departure from the gym. Although they may have found a better way of losing weight, I doubt it. If I asked them why they were unable to lose weight, they would likely give me one or two excuses. Most common excuse is “I was too busy, and I didn’t have the time.”

But that’s not what I believe. It’s possible that they weren’t truly committed. People who are truly committed take the time to fulfill their commitments. They put in the effort and are willing to sacrifice. These people likely needed a paradigm shift. Paradigm Shifting can be difficult. Why? Because you have to get down and dirty. You must get rid of your old paradigm, your faulty thinking. You then replace it with a better, more educated one. You must also find a strong reason. It is important to find a strong reason to do it.


It must be motivating and moving for you. It must motivate you to take action. It will not work if you don’t. It is like fighting with yourself to change your mindset or belief system. It is important to be alert because sometimes, seemingly innocuous acts can lead to a return to old ways of thinking and habits. Going to the gym is one example. It is difficult to decide whether to go to the gym after a hard day of work. It’s easy to excuse yourself, but once you get started, it will be hard not to skip it.

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You can exercise, eat healthy food, and avoid bad habits like drinking and smoking. But you have to keep choosing it every day. It takes a lot of effort to shift your paradigm. Although it can be difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is possible. You will live a happier, healthier life. We have exclusive reviews on all the top brands and models to help get in shape, look great, and stay healthy. If you have any questions about your equipment or need assistance, we invite you to drop by or give us a call.

Stay Healthy

Spa is derived from the name of a small Belgian town. The spa industry has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. Every major hotel has a spa or leisure complex. This is to lure discerning guests to the property. Many of these spas offer a wide range of treatments including massages, beauty treatments, steam rooms and luxurious baths. Asia is home to some of the most luxurious spas in the world. These spas can be found in India and Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Japan, the Maldives and the Philippines. The Guardian Newspaper in Britain lists the Banyan Tree of Phuket as one of the top fifty trees on the planet.

The Thai concept of spa is a mixture of ancient tradition, including massage and meditation, herbal baths, steam rooms, and saunas. The Temple was the center of learning before allopathic medicine came from the West. The dual roles of doctor and apothecary were fulfilled by monks. Wat Pho in Bangkok still holds the distinction of being the most prominent centre for massage in Thailand. This temple’s therapists are highly qualified and have the honorary title “Doctor”.

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Spas Benefits

However, there is a different kind of spa in Thailand that was established in the early 1990s. Destinations like Koh Samui attract a younger, more health-conscious tourist. A couple of spas were created to cater to backpackers. They offer detoxification and fasting programs. These aren’t luxurious resorts that are attached to large hotel chains, but they offer comfortable bungalow-style accommodation on the beach and a philosophy that promotes good health and long life. People travel from all over the world to beautiful locations like the Health Oasis Resort on Koh Samui to experience this unique health conscious philosophy.

The same visitors return year after année to recharge their batteries and get away from the stress of living in big cities in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. What is the secret that draws visitors to beautiful tropical locations? It’s a five-point program that focuses on firstly cleansing. This is the process of getting rid of all toxins that have been accumulated from a western lifestyle. It involves cleaning the colon with enemas and colonics.


The second step is to breathe properly. This means that you must inhale deeply, hold your breath, and then exhale for a certain number of times throughout the day. This can be done in the fresh, clean air of Koh Samui. The third is a diet that is based on blood groups. This concept is based upon the research of Dr. Peter DAdamo, the author of Eat Right for Your Type. Fourth, exercise is vital. You should be doing some walking, or more strenuous yoga, every day. Meditation is the fifth step on this journey. Meditation is a key part of all spiritual traditions. These techniques are well-known, but many of us need to be reminded how to incorporate them into our daily lives.

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