Every man is concerned about his penis health. That’s why he makes every effort to provide excellent penis care. Some men do it because they want to get pregnant with their partner. They need to ensure that their fertility and penis health are in top shape. There are many ways that a man can ensure his fertility is in top shape. His penis health will follow. Here are some things he can do now to increase his chances of getting pregnant.

What to do?

  • Visit the doctor. Although men hate the idea that they have to visit the doctor, it is a good idea to make sure everything is in order, especially if the goal is to bring new life into the world. A doctor can not only give him assurance about his penis health but also ensure that his fertility is in good shape.
  • Don’t be too tight. Tight underwear and tight jeans can lead to fertility problems for a man. Any tight clothing can raise the temperature, and sperm need to thrive at a specific temperature. The temperature can cause little swimmers to lose their mobility if it remains too high. You can wear boxers, shorts, and a pair of jeans.
  • Move your phone. It has been proven that cell phones emit very little radiation. Due to the slight radiation output, men can experience lower fertility if they keep their phones in their front pockets. If you must carry your phone, keep it out of your pocket.
  • Stop smoking. Although it’s been said many, many times, it needs to be repeated: smoking is bad for all parts of the body. It affects every cell in a negative manner. This is also true for sperm. Smoking can reduce it. It is important to quit smoking now, as it can cause problems with circulation and erectile function.
  • Stop drinking alcohol. There is nothing wrong with a glass of wine or a beer, but regular drinking can decrease the number of sperm and the mobility of those sperm. It is important for men to stop drinking alcohol if they are serious about increasing their fertility.
  • Consider other medications. Illicit drugs are out there – they can cause havoc on a man’s sperm and erectile function, among other things. However, a man should look at his prescription medications as they may not be beneficial for fertility. It is a good idea for a man to ask his doctor what drugs he can continue to take and which should be stopped until the pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Don’t get too hot. It’s not a good idea to be in a hot environment. This principle is similar to the tight underwear and jeans. A man wants his balls to be at the right temperature to protect his sperm. Saunas, hot tub dips, and very hot baths are not recommended when a man is trying for a partner to become pregnant. To make it easier for his partner to have a baby, a man must ensure that his erectile function is at its best.
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Penile Emergencies

Penile emergencies are often a source of sophomoric humor than actual events, but the sad truth is that they do occur. Although most men would rather not think about these traumatic events at all, it is important to know what to do in case they do. These are some of the most embarrassing penile emergencies, as well as tips for avoiding them and maintaining your penis health.

  1. Ruptured erectile tissues – The penis has spongy chambers that surround connective tissue. A broken penis is a condition where the tissue and chambers are stuffed with blood. The tissue can heal but the scar tissue that forms can cause unnatural curving or bending in the erect body. If a rupture occurs, it is crucial to get immediate treatment to avoid long-term damage like a shortening penis or loss in function. Men who feel a loud snapping sound while exercising should seek immediate treatment.
  2. Priapism is a condition that causes an erection to last more than four hours. It is not a good thing. A condition where blood gets trapped in the penis, priapism may be a sign of a man experiencing an erection that doesn’t subside. Permanent tissue damage can occur when circulation is disrupted. This should be treated as an emergency.
  3. Zipper entrapment: Trying to catch the delicate foreskin while zipping up a pair Levis might not seem like an emergency, but it is. Millions of unhappy boys and men have experienced this painful problem. Any of them can tell you, in retrospect, that screaming, flailing or pulling at the trapped tissue are not helpful solutions. Emergency treatment should be sought if trapped skin cannot be removed immediately. This could involve a local anesthetic (and possibly a sedative), while a doctor cuts away any clothing around the area and then gently removes the metal from the skin.
  4. Amputation – The sensational act by rapper “Christ Bearer,” of self-mutilation, has brought penile amputation into the spotlight of the national media. It is rare for men to contemplate or even perform such a horrible act. However, accidents can happen and amputations can occur. Although it’s almost too painful to think about, it is important to know that most attempts at reattachment work if an accident does occur. The severed body should be placed in a plastic bag (think Zip-Lock) and sealed tightly. To keep it cool, place the sealed bag in a container or bag with crushed ice. The appendage and owner should be taken immediately to the hospital. The surgeon will attempt to reattach your organ, paying close attention to both functionality and cosmetics. This should be done within six hours.
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Although accidents such as those described above cannot always be prevented, men can take certain precautions. Men should exercise more care in intimate relationships than they do in bedroom acrobatics. They should also use a cup when engaging in contact sports or any other activity that involves a projectile. It is important to avoid illicit substances that can cause priapism. Slow and gentle zippers are the best bet. Penile amputation can be a real risk. It is hard to imagine any situation that could pose a danger, so it is important to exercise discretion, especially around sharp objects, jealous ex partners, and farm equipment.


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