The expression “The Golden Years” is familiar to many. However, for too many, it can be tarnished. As we age, even the most basic tasks become more difficult. It can be difficult to put on your shoes and socks or change into your pants. It can be difficult to complete simple household chores that we used to take as a given. How can we stop this from affecting our lives? To live a healthy, active lifestyle, we need to get more movement. Your body is a fine piece or an automobile. What do you think will happen if you stop using that machine or automobile? Yes, it will rust and slow down.


Nature starts its own little insidious processes in our bodies. In some cases, the fluids in our joints begin to decrease and sometimes disappear completely. Arthritis and stiff joints are just some of the many infirmities we experience. Flexibility is one of the most important aspects. Without flexibility, our ability to move properly is affected and our enjoyment of life suffers. To be flexible, we need to move our muscles, joints, and ligaments. To do this, we must move more.

How do we do this? Start with simple everyday tasks. DO NOT USE YOUR CAR! If you live on a lower level, walk down and then go up. If you live on a higher floor, walk down one flight and then take the elevator. You can return to the top floor by getting off at the bottom and walking up. As you improve your stamina, you can increase the floors. If you are able, take a walk after dinner or breakfast. It will make you feel great. If you have access to a swimming pool, make sure you use it whenever possible. If you do decide to use the pool, make sure you move around and not just sit still.

Did you know?

Walking in the pool is a great way to exercise if you are unable to swim. Move your arms while you walk. Motivation is the most important thing. Motivation is key to achieving a healthy lifestyle and better health. It is easier than ever to start an exercise program that takes only 15 to 20 minutes of your time. What a great investment! You must remember that dedication and motivation are key ingredients to a more active lifestyle and a higher quality of life.

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The sooner you begin your exercise program, you will see the results sooner. Before you begin an exercise program, consult your physician or chiropractor and have a discussion with them. You will see a better muscle tone, strength, flexibility, greater vitality, and better health for the 15 to 20 minutes that you spend each day. What Bank or Mutual Fund will you receive such a return?


Atresia refers to a congenital condition in which a body cavity or passage is abnormally or deficiently closed. It is common because it can be in many forms, including esophageal, duodenal and biliary atresias, as well as aural, biliary, and esophageal. This is the most common. It refers to the absence of or incomplete formation an external ear canal. This means that the middle and outer ears may be malformed. However, the inner ear and auditory nervous are normally normal.

This condition can be severe because the structures and auditory canals in the middle ear and the external auditory canal fail to develop fully. In its worst form, there may not be an identifiable ear canal. The middle ear and ossicles might also be absent or severely underdeveloped. Aural atresia is most common in one ear, but it can also affect both ears. It is often accompanied with microtia which basically represents the incomplete development the auricle. The condition is usually isolated.

Rare Cases

However, in rare cases it can be a sign of a larger syndrome such as Treacher Collins or Goldenhar. Depending on whether one or both of the ears are affected, atresia can have a different effect. If only one ear is affected, then the hearing in the other ear will be normal and the person can speak normally. It is important to diagnose unilateral atresia as soon as possible and to treat it appropriately to avoid unilateral hearing loss. Bilateral aural atresia is more complex because it usually results in mild to moderate conductive hearing loss (50-60dB). A bone conduction hearing aid should be fitted to any child born with atresia.

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Aural atresia or microtia are surgical reconstructive challenges that require a deep understanding of how to evaluate and manage patients with CAA steams. There are two options for these congenital conditions: auricular reconstructive to improve the appearance and form of the outer ears and repair of atresia, or a Bone Conduction Hearing Solution to restore hearing. This type of surgery aims to create an ear canal of normal size or a stenotic one.

Good Communication

It is important to establish a good communication between the otologist, facial plastic surgeon and the child’s doctor. This will allow them to determine the best treatment as well as the timing. Today, doctors who are skilled in this field of reconstructive surgery often use skin grafts, cartilage, or bone from other parts to create an ear that is natural-looking and correctly-sized for both children and adults with microtia. Reconstructions are not performed on children under 6 years of age.

It is a complex surgery that requires careful planning and may require multiple surgeries to achieve the desired result. While a reconstruction is the best and most natural-looking option, prosthetics that can be glued or snapped onto or artificial implants are also options. Unfortunately, these have the potential to be rejected. The most important thing is that patients with aural atresia can now have hearing restoration, long-term stability, and natural-looking ears thanks to the many advancements.


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