Penis size concerns tend to focus on penis length rather than penis girth. A longer penis is not as important as a larger penile. However, it can be a great way to stimulate your partner. There is no denying that women find a longer penis (in terms length) to be more attractive than a shorter one. Men, however, feel more confident and masculine if their penis is longer than their girth. You will learn how to properly perform a basic penis stretching activity using only your hands to create the tension.

Stretching Exercise

This stretching exercise aims to lengthen two ligaments at your penis’ base. These ligaments, also known as the fundiform and suspensory ligaments, have a fascinating effect on penile anatomy. They keep several inches of your penile shaft locked and keyed inside your body. You can gradually increase the length of your penis by lengthening these ligaments. This will allow you to gain 1 – 2 inches. These are just a few points to consider if you think this is a bogus ‘quack’ solution.

First, penile lengthening surgery follows the same principle. The surgical lengthening procedure does not involve stretching the ligaments but rather cutting them with a scalpel. Although it sounds like the answer, in practice, it is quite the opposite. The problem with surgery is the fact that the internal scar tissue that forms after surgery can cause a false ligament to form that blocks the penis lengthening process. This is why patients see an average increase of just a quarter inch.

Good to know

A second important point to be noted is that penis extender devices are very effective. They work on the same principle that manual stretching exercises. A variety of medical papers from the past decade have shown that penile traction can increase length by around 25-30 percent when used for between 4 and 6 months. The traction device can effectively lengthen the penis, but manual hand stretching exercises can also be used to increase its length. These penis stretching exercises are great for beginners.

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They will get your penis used to being exposed to physical stress but at the same they’re low enough to minimize injury. After a few weeks, you can move on to more intense exercises to help with growth. If you feel any pain or discolouration in your peniles, you should stop immediately. Although it would be difficult to cause permanent penile damage, it is better to be safe than sorry. Before you begin this exercise, make sure your penis is fully ‘warmed’. Wrap a hot water-soaked flannel around the penis and testicles.This will allow them to feel ‘supple’.

Take Note

This is done when the penis is completely flaccid (limp).

  • Your dominant hand should be used to grasp the penis’s head with your dominant hand. Your grip might be improved by using talc or a towel.
  • Gently stretch your penis horizontally until you feel a strong, but painless tug along its entire length.
  • This stretch should be held for between 10 and 15 seconds. Then, relax.
  • To restore blood flow, massage the tip of your penis for several seconds. Then, repeat the process.
  • You should do 4 horizontal stretches total, each lasting between 10 and 15 seconds.
  • You will repeat the above steps step-by-step. Start by pulling your penis upwards and then downwards. Next, move to the left and then to the right. This multi-directional stretching routine stresses all areas of the ligaments, ensuring uniform penile development.

Good to know

Lots of things have some sort of significance in our lives. Probably that portrait that’s hanging on your own living room wall is virtually significant to you since it was a gift by way of a close friend. That vehicle must be very substantial because that’s everything you bought for yourself together with your hard-earned savings. In the event that you won on a particular competition, when you have one. Indeed, we’ve considered so many things inside our life substantial, but there are some items that we usually ignore and do not see its importance until it’s too late.

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Therefore reexamine what’s really significant for you and think properly if you can find other things which are more substantial than those. For men who’ve issues with how big is their penis, penile enlargement products are without doubt significant. It’s no laughing matter having having said that problem, so guys know the importance of this kind of product whether they have that problem about “dimension” and all. This can be one of the explanations why such items are massive hits in today’s market.

The importance of those items could be understood well with the power or the opportunity they can give and that is in order to avoid the chance of losing your relationship together with your female. How’s that? Well, guys having problems with how big is their genitalia have a tendency to harbor frustration. On the other hand, the dissatisfaction and disappointment of these women or companions may grow slowly and very quickly, it’s going to get to the threshold, leaving the partnership in a shaky ground.


As soon as that relationship is needs to quiver, sooner or afterwards, it will escalate to regular fights and before very long, one of you’re already ready to leave. Worst factor is if you both are ready to leave one another. Many romantic relationships have suffered and finished and several couples broke up due to those reasons. Somehow, it’s secure to state that this “size” concern is actually toxic.


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