A home remedy for a urinary tract infection can be very effective in curing the problem. Natural treatments are preferred by many people for their effectiveness and better health. Many people are shocked to discover that home remedies can be more effective than drug and harsh antibiotic treatments.

Home Remedies

They often mistakenly believe they are inferior. Home remedies for urinary tract infections are far more effective than harsh antibiotics and drugs. Bacteria naturally occurs in the urinary tract. There are two types of bacteria that can be found in the urinary tract: “good” and “bad”. Normal circumstances will see the bacteria “self-regulating”.

The good bacteria keeps the natural balance in check by killing off any bad bacteria that might be reproducing to an unacceptable level. There are many reasons this might happen. Poor hygiene could lead to the E Coli bacteria getting into the bowel. If you’re feeling unwell, or if your resistance to infection is low and you feel generally under the weather, it could indicate that your body is less capable of fighting off infection.

Bacterial Infection

Whatever the reason, a urinary tract infection means that there is an excess of bacteria that needs to be eradicated. Antibiotics kill bacteria. They don’t distinguish between “good” and “bad” bacteria. This means that all bacteria has been eliminated, and that there is no resistance for other common infections like yeast infections.

People often get yeast infections after taking antibiotics. Many women also experience repeated urinary tract infections after taking antibiotics for a few months. Other side effects of antibiotics include nausea and diarrhea.

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A home remedy for urinary tract infections works by killing the bad bacteria. It also strengthens the immune system, making it more able to deal with other infections. A home remedy is more effective than antibiotics for pain relief. It often uses a multi-faceted approach to address multiple symptoms at once.

Over-the-counter treatments are also available. These have not been proven to be effective for me. They provide only symptomatic relief and do not fight the actual infection. They can be quite expensive and they are not guaranteed to work. Some of the self-help measures I found helpful were drinking lots of water and using hot water bottles on my abdomen. I would take a bath in warm water if I had a severe infection.


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