Gout sufferers who are looking for treatment for their condition will naturally visit their doctor, who often prescribes drug-based mainstream treatment. These can be effective over time but have side effects that can be severe and can lead to expensive complications.

Natural gout remedies

These are becoming more popular as they are much less expensive and have fewer side effects than drugs. There are many natural home remedies that can be used, and each one is different. Some home remedies work better than others because everyone is different.

Celery seeds are a natural treatment for gout. They have about twenty anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It was first grown in the Mediterranean about 3,000 years ago. However, it is now being cultivated in more places all over the world. Celery seeds can be purchased in extract form at natural health food stores and pharmacies. It has been shown in clinical studies that it can increase cerebral blood circulation, lower uric acid levels and benefit arthritis and gout sufferers.

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Take note

It can also be used as a special infusion or tea. Make the tea by adding 1 tablespoon of celery seed to 2 cups water. Boil the mixture until the seeds are soft. Then strain the mixture to get the ‘tea’. Take half a cup of celery seeds tea four times daily until you feel better.

Celery seeds can diuretize so you should be aware of your kidney problems and pregnancy. If you fall into one of these categories, don’t use this home remedy for gout. This natural gout treatment has been proven to be effective by many people.

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This home remedy will not stop your gout from returning. But it’s not enough. Celery seeds are not able to prevent gout. They can help with gout attacks. To prevent recurring gout, there are many issues you need to address. Recurring gout can cause permanent damage to your joints and even kidney disease. It is important to prevent this from happening. You should also know that if you have had a gout attack before, you are now at a higher risk of having another one.

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