While playing with his tool is one man’s greatest pleasures it can lead to boredom and a lack of response from the penis to his preferred techniques. Many men resort to rougher handling to compensate. Unfortunately, this can cause severe skin irritation, resulting in a reddened penis that may throb for days. To protect his penis health, it is important for a man not to succumb to boredom and to make masturbation more enjoyable. Masturbation boredom is not something that every man experiences. And even if it does happen, it’s usually for a short time.

Masturbation Facts

A man can get tired of masturbating if he does it regularly. A man who loves steak may crave chicken or pasta, but he masturbates frequently and often may want to change. Sometimes a man realizes he needs a change, and stops masturbating. Then, he returns to masturbating and finds that the experience is more pleasurable. This is the most common approach to self-stimulatory weariness, and one that many men use naturally. However, not all men will adopt this “leave the rest alone for a while” approach.

Sometimes masturbation is a real habit, and it can be hard to break. Sometimes a man may not be a regular masturbator but may just enjoy the act of playing with his own body and the endlessly satisfying orgasms that result. In either case, the man will continue to engage in anastrophic behavior, pulling, tugging, and rubbing until he develops a red penis. In most cases, this leads to an orgasm but it is often not as intense as hoped. Sometimes, frustration can result when the man becomes tired and stops engaging in the onanistic behavior. Man who continues to masturbate even when bored should find a way to bring excitement back into the process.

Take Note

  • Changing the stroke. Many masturbators are accustomed to a certain way of doing things, such as lying down in bed with the right hand wrapped around their penis and stroking up or down. It is a good idea to try new things for bored masturbators. He might try standing up or sitting, instead of lying on his back. He might prefer to let his left hand do all the work, rather than his right. You could try lying on your stomach and rubbing your erection against a towel or bedsheets. Or, you can wear a condom to provide stimulation.
  • Expanding the mental/visual stimuli. Many men fantasize about fantasies or visual stimuli. These triggers can lead to boredom. Man should have new fantasies and erotic images. He might want to expand his repertoire by looking beyond his comfort zone to see if it produces any excitement.
  • Playing with toys. To add some spice and unexpected sensations, you can add an adult toy to your routine. Although it may not be possible to cure a man of masturbation boredom, it can make him feel happier and more fulfilled. Every man should use a top-quality penis health cream, to treat his equipment. It contains all the necessary ingredients for every red-blooded man. Vitamin A should also be included in the cream, as its anti-bacterial properties are essential for avoiding embarrassing penis odors.
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Red Penis

Most men have a penis skin tone that varies from one another. A man with a very light skin tone might have a red penis. This is especially true if the penis is full of blood during erection. A man with darker skin might have a lighter-skinned penis. Even though a man might have a predictable penis skin tone, he might be surprised to find that it changes from time-to-time.

An example: A erect penis could turn different shades of red and then return to its normal color after the fun is over. What happens if the penis skin turns a strange color? This is when good penis care is even more important – and it may warrant getting checked out by doctors. Here are some things a man should know. There are many normals, just like with all things about the human body. One man might have a penis of one color. But another guy might notice a lighter penis at the tip and a darker penis at the base.


Most men will notice that their penis is a completely different color from the skin on their body. Others will notice that their skin color changes very little during erections, while others may notice a dramatic change in the color of their skin. What are other concerns about the penis? A man might notice a reddish spot on his skin near the base or tip. The rest of his penis is normal. These spots could be a sign of concern depending on what they are and where they come from.

Here is a quick overview of the possible issues men might face.

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  • Skin irritations. There might be small irritations on the penis for men who have been doing it with a partner, or by themselves. These can cause red spots or splotches. These can be tender to the touch and are a sign that a man has overdone it. Rest for a few days should help to reduce the redness and soreness.
  • Dark bumps or lesions. These could indicate a sexually transmitted illness and are more concerning. They may look like large bruises, and they are likely to be tender. Although they may not be painful, dark bumps can make a man look unattractive and cause him to worry about his health. This is a reason to visit the doctor.
  • Unusual changes in color Any color change that isn’t obvious – such a sudden white splotch on the penis, or a darkening of the skin that doesn’t go away after an erection – could indicate underlying medical conditions. Any changes in color that concern a man should be brought to the doctor.
  • A fever-like red penis. A reddening penis can indicate an infection. If this happens, a man should seek immediate medical attention. This could indicate a medical condition that will require antibiotics or other medications. A high-quality penis creme can be used to keep the skin of your penis healthy. A creme should be rich in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins A, B5 & C, Shea butter, and vitamin E for softness. These ingredients can help maintain a man’s skin tone while hydrating to avoid dry areas.


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