Headaches and Migraine Headaches: What a way to spend the day! Nobody wants to spend their day in silence and darkness. When you have a migraine or a severe headache, this is what you want to do. These annoying aches tend to appear at the worst times and last longer than they should. They make it difficult to complete even the most basic tasks. I should be able to tell you. I spent nearly 12 years trying to manage my daily headaches.


I tried everything I could. I tried so many different medications that I was unable to stop using Advil. I learned to ignore my headaches after CT scans revealed that “nothing” was causing them. I didn’t know it, but the solution to my problem was right in front of me. After a few months of chiropractic school, I realized that it was not a bad idea to study and that it made it easier to focus in class.

After a week of headache-free practice, I realized that I was in the right place and needed to share what I call an adjustment. It turns out that if your spine is not aligned properly, it strains the spinal cord, nerves going to/from the body, and causes the surrounding muscles to become tense and uncomfortable. This leads to headaches.

Take Into Account

People often ask me, “So do headaches ever happen anymore?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes, but I’ll take it when I go from having headaches all day, every day, to just a few times a month. Although this post is about me, I find that it’s easier to share the journey with someone who has been there. Chiropractic care might be the best option for you if you suffer from migraine headaches and headaches that don’t seem to go away.

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