Do you find your spouse often sleeping in a different bedroom than you? If you answered yes, it is likely that your spouse is waking up to annoying melodies. This music might not make you lose your , but it could make your spouse tangle up. What is music? It is also known as . The only instrument you will need to play it is your throat.

Common Problem

It is a common problem, but it can cause serious damage to relationships. Some people have had to get a divorce because of snoring. This is a sign of a malfunction in your body. Many people have discovered that snoring can be a sign that you have or , or even a more serious condition like a heart condition that has been left undiagnosed. Your partner’s sleep may be affected.

However, you might also need to change your sleeping position to avoid snoring. You might not realize that it was your snoring that woken you up. The brain, the most important organ in the body, needs to be able to receive enough oxygen to prevent it from getting damaged.


Snoring is caused by obstructions in your windpipe. The brain wakes up and opens the blocked air passage to you. You may not be aware that you have woken up. Your partner would be watching the whole thing, even though she may not have slept well. Snoring can cause many complications, such as , , lightheadedness, irritability, and lack of sleep. It can also disrupt your day.

Now that you are aware of the many negative effects of snoring, and that it should not be ignored, let’s look at some simple but effective remedies. First, we must understand the root cause of snoring. Relaxation of the throat muscles is the main cause of snoring. These muscles relax when you sleep, and if they become too relaxed due to fatty tissues, they can block the passage of air into the lungs. These fatty tissues and throat muscles vibrate when air is moving in and out. This creates the annoying sound. We have identified the root cause.


Let’s find a solution. Snoring is often caused by being . The fat tissues around the throat cause sagging. The best way to stop snoring? Keep your weight under control. Keep your muscles toned by eating a balanced diet and exercising. After a certain point, you will stop snoring completely or reduce it to a level that is acceptable for you and your spouse. These are some other ways to stop snoring at home.

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks – They can also cause over-relaxation of your throat muscles.
  • Do not take sedatives. Your throat muscles will relax more than necessary.
  • Do not lie on your back. Moderate snorers stop snoring if they are lying on their sides.
  • To reduce snoring, elevate your bed. A pair of old, hard-bound books can be used to elevate your bed.


That’s it. These are simple to practice and sound easy. They are very effective in curing snoring. Get a good night’s rest.