People forget that headaches are not something that is normal. Headaches are not something that should be common, and should not be ignored. Sometimes headaches are a sign of something more serious. However, even if it isn’t, there are natural ways to prevent headaches from happening. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches. Many people don’t drink enough water. However, even if they do, the water has often been filtered so that it doesn’t contain vital minerals that aid in hydration.

Did You Know?

Although there are many sports drinks that claim to help, such as PowerAde and Gatorade, these often contain added sugars or artificial ingredients that cause more harm than good. The importance of electrolytes in water should not be overlooked. There is an easier and cheaper way to do this. Simply add salt to your water every day.

Although I wish I could say that you can use any salt that you like, most people use processed salt that is not good for their health and won’t allow them to hydrate properly.


There are many salts that you can find that are inexpensive and easy to find that will not only help with your hydration but also help you absorb other minerals, vitamins, and keep you from getting headaches. Redman’s “real” salt or Celtic Sea Salt are the salts I recommend.

Both can be found in local health shops. One tablespoon of each salt should be dissolved in two quarts water. The amount of water you should drink in ounces is equal to half of your weight in pounds. If you are 150 pounds, divide that number by two to get 75 ounces daily.

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These two steps, which include the right salt and the right amount of water, will ensure that you are properly hydrated. You will also experience fewer headaches, greater energy, and better focus. Stop denying your body the minerals it needs and get better now!


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