My job allows me to meet people from all parts of the United States. Over the years, I have come to know many people who suffer from headaches almost daily. This is a horrible affliction that can cause severe pain and even paralysis. It can be so demoralizing to wake up every morning knowing that if you don’t have a headache by the end of the day, you will. This is a common problem for many people. It was my situation for 12 years before I found a way to get out of it. The following strategy is a combination of steps I took myself and tips I learned from others. Although it is not a perfect solution, it worked for me.


  • Overuse of headache medication is my opinion the main cause of “rebound” headaches or what I refer to as the “rebound-headache cycle”. My personal experience and advice from Naturopathic Physicians, as well as medical doctors, confirms that rebound headaches can be caused by over-use of common over-the counter headache medications. Goodies Headache Powder, B.C. Excedrin and Headache Powder are two to be cautious about. These three items are something I know from personal experience. I’ve been told by others that they do the same, but I can’t speak for myself. What does “overuse” mean? Rebound headaches can be a common side effect of headache medication use. Rebound headaches can be caused by prescription medication Immatrex. Although Immatrex is effective in reducing headaches, I found that I would often get a rebound headache between 18-24 hours after taking the medication. This was often worse than the original. To stop the vicious cycle of viscous rebound headaches, I had to stop taking these medications. I stopped taking prescription and over-the-counter headache medications. When I stopped taking over-the-counter and prescription headache medications, I had to stop having severe migraines. I have had to stop some more since then, but the frequency of my headaches has decreased. It is better to have a few migraines every now and then than to have a severe migraine once or twice per week.
  • My headaches decreased but not disappeared after I stopped taking these medications. I found several foods and drinks that caused headaches almost every time I ate them or drank them. I recommend anyone who is caught in the “rebound headache” cycle to stop eating or drinking these foods immediately and see if it makes any difference.
  • Once these “immediate actions” have been completed, the next step is to start a diary. The journal should include everything a person eats, drinks, and headaches. This journal will help you identify trends and triggers that can cause headaches.
  • Even after these three steps, headaches can still occur. Some herbal and nutritional remedies have shown excellent results in relieving headaches. You can also find supplements that combine all or some of these ingredients.
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I have found that supplements that contain a combination of ingredients are more powerful. It sounds impossible to get rid of coffee, sugar, alcohol, and MSG. It is possible, it is possible, I have done it, others can do it, and you can too. These changes can have amazing results. It may be worth your time to look at the steps above if you find yourself in the rebound headache cycle. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Give it a week to see if it makes a difference. Once a week has passed, set a goal to continue the program for a month. I believe that you will see a significant improvement after a month. Keep a journal and note how often you have headaches. This will help you compare your past with the present.

Do you think you will have to stop eating these foods and drinks forever? Are you going to be able ever to drink a beer again without getting headaches? You will never know if you are still in the “rebound headache loop”. There are many things you could be experiencing headache triggers. You won’t be able to tell until your headaches stop almost every day. It is best to avoid these products. This strategy is for those who feel they just need to know if a food can be eaten. Once you feel you have regained your health and are no longer experiencing headaches, you can gradually reintroduce the food items you have removed one at a while. You should not reintroduce more than one food per month. This plan will help you determine if the food causes headaches or if it is safe to eat.

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There are many things that we need to take care of, including our health. Headaches are a common problem that most people experience. Many people experience headaches so often that they learn to live with it and manage the pain as best as they can. Others suffer from severe headaches like migraines that are difficult to ignore and can cause serious health problems. Many people have turned to acupuncture to relieve their pain. There are two types of people who visit an acupuncturist to find relief from their headaches. There are two types of people who seek acupuncture: those who are currently experiencing a headache and those who are seeking restorative care to prevent the next Cephalalgia or headache from happening or to reduce its intensity. These are two different situations and are treated differently by an acupuncturist.

The way that treatment proceeds will depend on how you present at their office. This is because acupuncture can move energy throughout your body and increase blood flow to certain areas. The treatment for a current headache is different from the treatment that will prevent future headaches. Your doctor will be able make this determination and adjust the treatment accordingly. Many people seek acupuncture to relieve their headaches, but they are anxious when they go into the clinic. They may not have heard of acupuncture before and are afraid of how it will feel or if it could be dangerous.


Acupuncture is one of the most safe medical treatments. It is possible for problems to arise, but it is rare. If the doctor is an expert in inserting the needles using sterile means, there is no need to worry. The needles are very gentle and rarely cause pain when they penetrate the skin. They can also make people feel regenerated or unwound. The ancient Chinese art and science of acupuncture may be able help you with your headaches. You may be able overcome your Cephalalgia or headaches by bringing your body into balance.

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