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It is not difficult or costly to lose weight. You just need to be clear on three principles and follow them for a week. These guidelines will help you lose as much weight as 2 kilos if you follow them for seven days. You will be able to achieve your first goal if you can reach it. It will motivate you to keep going and lose more weight. You don’t need miracle cures or fad diets to lose weight. The only way is to burn more calories than what you eat. It’s easy. We will show you how to do it quickly and without making any sacrifices. It is easy to lose weight. We must burn 500 more calories per day than we consume. We can do this by making small changes to our daily routine. Eat better, move more, and we’ll lose a few kilos.

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It only takes one week to make a decision. Set your goal for the short-term if you really want it to happen. In just one week, you’ll see results and be motivated to continue. You should weigh yourself every day. You can keep your goal in mind by weighing yourself every day on an empty stomach. You can track your weight with a digital scale until you reach your goal of two kilos.


Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Start each meal with a plate of vegetables. You can eat as many as you like until you are satisfied. You will feel fuller for longer due to the fiber content in vegetables. This will prevent you from snacking and feeling hungry between meals. Always eat salad with your meals, whether it’s eggs, fish, or lean meat. Refrain from eating white bread or refined pasta. You must eliminate rice, pasta, potatoes, and bread from your diet for a week. If you decide to reintroduce these foods into your diet after the first week, ensure they are not made from refined flour. Get plenty of water. Limit your intake of energy drinks, soft drinks and isotonic beverages. They are not zero. Each one contains at least 100 calories. However, no matter how many you drink water, your caloric intake will remain 0 calories. You can add some lemon slices to make it more interesting. Take your coffee one hour before you go to work. The apple test. You might even feel hungry if you eat an apple. You don’t have to eat if you aren’t hungry. If you aren’t hungry, it’s not because you are bored. Don’t skip meals. You will eat more if you skip meals. You will feel hungry if you skip a meal. You should forgo the desserts after meals. You will consume fewer calories than you would from fattening sweets and they won’t contribute any nutritional value. Eat the fruits you love the most, and as many as you wish.

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For a minimum of thirty minutes per day, 1Cardio should be doing exercise. To burn more calories, you must also move. It will suffice to walk and move for about an hour per day if you’re not used to sports. This will burn approximately 350 calories per hour. Alternate exercise is a better choice if you’re used to doing aerobic exercise. A half an hour per day is sufficient. 8 minutes warm-up and 15 minutes interval exercise. In this exercise, you alternate between 1 minute of harder exercise and 1 minute slower exercise. Then, cool down for 7 minutes. You will burn more calories if you have more muscle. This is why we recommend the following plan. Perform the following movements three times per week, performing 10 repetitions each.


Starter: Stand a few feet away from an open door frame and place your hands on the ground. Next, move your body towards and away from the door by pushing your hands against it. Intermediate: In a kneeling position, place both your hands on the ground and lift your body.

Advanced: Lie on your stomach and rest your hands and feet on the ground at chest level. Then, raise your body and lower it straight up, so that your chin is almost touching the floor.


Start: Sit on a chair and then stand up. If necessary, you can lean somewhere to support your body.

Intermediate: With your legs bent at the right angle, lean against a wall with your back to it. Hold that position for 10 seconds.

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Advanced: Stand with your shoulders apart and lower your legs until you are at 90 degrees. Your knees should not extend past your feet in front.


Starter: Stand, hold the position for 15 seconds and then move on to the next. Continue to squeeze as hard as possible for 5 seconds, then relax.

Intermediate: Lay on your stomach and support your forearms and toes on the floor. Hold the position for 10 seconds by pressing down on the abdomen.

Advanced: Sitting on the ground, support your feet and hands so that you can form an arc. The body should be raised so that the board is parallel to the ground. For five seconds, squeeze the abdominal area, glutes, and hamstrings. Return to the original position, then lower and continue the movement.

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