Children who can communicate clearly with their parents are more likely to be able to help them when they’re sick. Headaches are a common problem in all ages, even children. There are many possibilities. Some symptoms may warrant a quick visit to the emergency room or doctor. Is the child experiencing a high fever? This could be a sign of meningitis or the flu. This is a warning sign that something is seriously wrong.

Let’s see…

Is the child allowed to play sports or engage in other activities that could cause a head injury? A concussion could be caused by a fall from a skateboard, or a hard hit on the football. This too requires immediate attention. Ask your family if migraines are a common problem. If migraines are the cause, you may also experience nausea and vomiting.

Try This!

  • Rest: A cool, dark place can help with headaches. A cool, damp cloth can be placed on the forehead of your child. Because noise can amplify most head pain, it is important that the room is as quiet as possible.
  • Steam: You can relieve clogged or swollen sinuses by using steam. The steam will help the child relax. The steam will ease the pain and you can ensure that the child isn’t burned by the water. You can also use steam made from one part vinegar and four parts water. Bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and make sure that the child isn’t burned by the steam.
  • Tea: Children can experience the same stress levels as adults. Although the causes may be different, the response is the same. You may consider catnip and chamomile tea if your child is older than 6.
  What are Facts about Sinus Headaches?


Again, make sure to check with your doctor to ensure that it is safe for your child. This article is not intended to replace your child’s doctor. Even if your child doesn’t have any of these serious symptoms, you should still take your child to the doctor.


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