Recently, a patient in my own workplace named Heather, said: “I desire I had known my migraines were via my neck. I would’ve arrived at you years back.” Heather had had to endure migraine headaches several times per month for a decade. Her headaches were very debilitating. Most enough time she had been nauseous and had to take a nap in a dark area with a frosty pack on her forehead. Often, she had to cancel prepared activities with friends and family if a migraine developed.

Chiropractische Behandeling

Luckily, chiropractic treatment helped Heather to significantly decrease the frequency and strength of her headaches. She could go months with out a headache and when one did develop it had been usually gentle and she could get comfort by putting a cool pack the trunk of her neck. This short article will discuss migraines and their connection to the neck region, also known as the cervical spine.

Chiropractic treatment just as one treatment for this problem will undoubtedly be detailed. A recent study noting a link between neck discomfort and migraine conditions will undoubtedly be analyzed. Around 12% of the united states population, including children, is suffering from migraine headaches. Women are 3 x more likely to experience migraines than males.

Migraine Hoofdpijn

These are considered to become more debilitating than common tension or tension headaches. Outward indications of migrainous headaches certainly are a severe sharpened, throbbing pain using one or both sides of the top. Nausea and vomiting typically occur. Some people’s migraines create spontaneously while some are triggered by food items, smells, For several years, chiropractors have noted a link between the bones of top of the neck, also called top of the cervical spine and various forms of head aches including migraines.

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A recent study released in Cephalgia, May 2019 observed that among several 142 patients with a brief history of migraines, the results add to an evergrowing body of analysis that suggests the neck is important in the migraine headache procedure, as previous research have noted a link between cervical dysfunction (improper motion of top of the cervical bones) and migraine strength and frequency.


Physicians Of Chiropractic have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate top of the cervical spine to determine when there is an issue with this area which can be helped. When this occurs a number of sufferers who have had to endure migraine headaches have been in a position to find improvement of these condition. It could be wise and prudent for anybody suffering from migraines to consult with a chiropractor. Safe, soft drug-free approach to giving people freedom from head aches.


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