Headache and alcohol – if alcohol is a regular drinker, or if you’ve had to suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms once in your life, you will know the connection. Have you ever heard of hangovers. You have probably heard of it. It is caused by alcohol intake. Hangovers are often thought to be a problem only for those who drink excessively. This is false. Even light drinkers can suffer from alcohol-induced headaches. Sometimes, the pain can even occur after just one drink. Ethanol, a type of alcohol found in beverages, causes blood vessels to dilate. This dilation causes reddening of the face and headaches.


Headaches can also be caused by another ingredient in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol can also cause more urination and dehydration. Dehydration, as another factor, can trigger a hangover. A hangover is generally caused by dilation of blood vessels, lower blood glucose, and dehydration due to alcoholic beverages.

  • Vermijd alcoholgebruik. Deze tip is de beste. Het kan ook nuttig blijken uw alcoholinname te verminderen, maar dit geldt niet alleen voor zware drinkers. Sommige mensen vinden het verminderen van de alcoholinname niet genoeg. Eet voor of na het drinken vet of vettig voedsel. Aangenomen wordt dat vet of vettig voedsel het maagslijmvlies kan bedekken en het vermogen van het lichaam om alcohol op te nemen kan vertragen.
  • Drink veel water. Een kater kan worden veroorzaakt door uitdroging. Het is aan te bevelen om water te drinken voor en na het nuttigen van alcoholische dranken. Water moet samen met alcoholische dranken worden gedronken. Door veel water te drinken blijf je gehydrateerd en voorkom je door alcohol veroorzaakte hoofdpijn. Laten we zeggen dat het kwaad al geschied is. Je voelt de ondraaglijke, kloppende pijn.
  • Use over-the-counter antiinflammatory drugs. It is believed that alcohol triggers an inflammatory response. Anti-inflammatory medicines may be able to treat hangovers. Take care with any medication you take. Cysteine, which is a substance that helps to break down toxins that can cause a hangover, is abundant in eggs. Eggs are believed to be a good remedy for hangovers.
  • Get plenty of water. Yes, drinking water can help prevent and treat hangovers. Hydration is key. You will get a hangover if you are dehydrated. The alcohol byproducts in your stomach are reduced when you rehydrate. We have covered the basics of headaches and alcohol. Now it is time to learn more about the health effects of alcohol on your body. Alcohol can cause serious health problems. It is important to be cautious when drinking alcohol. Be careful and drink moderately, or, if you can, avoid alcohol altogether.
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Cluster Hoofdpijn

Cluster headaches are most common in young males. Statistics show that those under thirty years of age are most affected. This is a rare type of headache that affects only one in a thousand people. Although cluster headaches have been more common in women, there has been an increase in the number of females affected by them. However, men are still affected about twice as often than women. Cluster headaches are a series of recurring head aches that can be intense and last for days or even weeks. The sufferer generally feels no discomfort during these episodes. Sometimes, the attacks can occur while a person sleeps.

These attacks are often more severe than those that occur during the day. These headaches can last anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours in most cases. Season changes are the most common trigger. This could be because the nerves that are activated during an attack are those of the internal clock. Cluster headaches can be exacerbated by alcohol and nicotine.


Even small amounts of alcohol can trigger an attack. When they are not experiencing cluster events, most sufferers don’t experience any adverse reactions to moderate alcohol consumption or smoking. Scientists and doctors are still trying to understand the actual cause of most headaches. However, common areas of headaches have been identified. These extremely painful episodes are thought to be caused by a cluster of nerves in the face. The first sensations a patient will feel, besides tearing and redness, are usually in the eye. These attacks can be more severe at night because the nerve is connected with each person’s internal clock. These headaches can be similar to other severe headaches. For example, they can cause one-sided discomfort that stays on the same side.

It has been reported that the pain can be so severe that affected people may feel nauseous and need to move around to manage. Cluster head aches aren’t just confined to the head as other head aches. Sometimes, the pain can affect all parts of the face, including teeth and gums. The top of a person’s head might feel tender to the touch. People who are influenced by others can feel their pulse during an attack and that could cause them more discomfort.

Cluster Hoofdpijn

Cluster headache sufferers will experience some relief throughout the year. They will only be affected by their pains for one week during major seasonal changes. Some people are more affected than others. Cluster headache sufferers typically have episodes lasting from a week to a whole year, with at least two weeks between episodes. Others are less fortunate. They have to suffer from a chronic condition that prevents them from having headaches for more than 14 days each year.

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Vitamine A

Can They Be Prevented? Are you experiencing Vitamin A headaches? You might if you take plenty of vitamins to keep good health. Vitamins are crucial for the body to operate properly and are essential for growth and development, specifically in children. But an excessive amount of a good thing could cause problems. Therefore let’s investigate how going for a vitamin can be harmful to you. First of all you can find two types of vitamins. You can find the fat soluble nutritional vitamins and water soluble nutritional vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins certainly are a, D, Electronic and K. The drinking water soluble vitamins will be the B- Complex nutritional vitamins and vitamin C.

We are able to get the majority of the vitamins that people need daily provided that we consume a somewhat nutritious diet. Excessive intake of nutritional vitamins, especially the fat soluble types, can result in vitamin toxicity. And too much intake of supplement A can result in a vitamin A headaches. There are many of factors that may affect the adsorption of supplement A. Other factors consist of age, state of nutrition, kind of vitamin A preparing and route of management. Excessive quantity of vitamin A intake results in what is referred to as hypervitaminosis A. This could be categorized as severe or chronic. Acute occurs using ingestion of a higher dose of vitamin A.


Signs and symptoms may occur within hrs or a couple of days after the high dosage. One of the symptoms is really a vitamin A headaches. Chronic vitamin A toxicity may appear after taking little doses of supplement A over a long time frame. Vitamin A includes a long half life also it tends to accumulate in your body. When you have been going for a vitamin A supplement for quite some time and consuming a healthy diet, you will be developing chronic supplement A toxicity.

Vitamin A head aches are usually an indicator of toxicity. When you have been having a large amount of supplement A and think you might be having vitamin A head aches, stop taking all vitamins health supplements right away. See your physician to be tested for just about any organ damage.

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Drink a lot of drinking water to help flush one’s body of the toxins. You might medicate your headache discomfort with over-the-counter pain medicine provided that your physician says it really is okay. If there’s been any liver harm from the supplement A, acetaminophen isn’t a good idea since it can damage the liver furthermore. The prognosis for supplement A toxicity is great. Over time, the signs and symptoms will disappear once the supplement is stopped. When all of the excess vitamin A is fully gone from your own body, your vitamin A head aches should stop furthermore.


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