When vagina isn’t properly lubricated then this problem is called vaginal dryness. For this reason problem lovemaking furthermore becomes much less pleasurable and our day to day activities also become unpleasant. It is most common over menopause in fact it is also the normal cause of painful intercourse.

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This problem is very common amongst the old women looked after affects the women of most ages. A few of the common outward indications of vaginal dryness consist of itching, dryness, a sense of pressure, pain or lighting bleeding with sex, discomfort, burning and in addition pain or lighting bleeding with intercourse.

Vaginal discharge is the effect of a selection of conditions. If exact reason behind the vaginal dryness is well known then it becomes no problem finding out its exact solution. A few of the typical causes are reduced in estrogen level which often occurs over menopause, chronic candidiasis, douching (an activity of washing vagina with a liquid preparing since it causes an inflammation and in addition disrupts the chemical stability), vaginal infection, and certain medicines for the issue like malignancy, allergy, ulcer, blood circulation pressure and antidepressant. The additional cause of this issue includes vaginal trauma, std and in addition benign or malignant tumor.


Numerous treatments are available for this issue like skin patch, cream, orally administered supplements and also some home cures. You can benefit from the lovemaking by assistance from lubricants and moisturizers.

  • You mustn’t use yoghurt, hands lotions, The products may not ease your trouble but simultaneously increase irritation and cause an infection.
  • Saffron, ashwagandha should be used with the milk in best proportion. It is extremely effective treatment for reducing the issue of vaginal dryness.
  • It’ll keep our system healthful and in addition increases the libido of an individual. It also maintains the amount of blood sugar.
  • To take care of the dryness herbal natural oils is another solution to lubricate the vagina.
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