W chwili obecnej, w tym właśnie momencie, tysiące ludzi walczy z across the world. It’s a far more universal problem than most individuals think. The primary problem with being truly a migraine sufferer (or migraineur if you want) is that most individuals will dismiss that insanely unpleasant migraine you have as “..only a headache..”.


Among the worst offenders with regards to discriminating against people who have migraines are companies. They’ll more likely to visit a migraine attack “as only a headache” than other people in your job. Also shocking is that some firm doctors (especially in large businesses or corporations) have just openly said they don’t really believe in migraines! Companies are legally bound (well in most nations) to create “reason accommodation for those who have disabilities”.

Basically your company is legally obliged to adapt the working atmosphere to suit you whenever you can – as long as it generally does not wind up costing thousands of dollars. Actually if this technique does cost thousands the company are certain to get it back tax breaks within Government and Condition disability incentives.


Does this imply that all migraineurs should today treat themselves to be disabled? Needless to say not- that’s really poor karma. The objective of pointing out the disability factor is that employers shouldn’t simply dismiss your migraines as though it wasn’t an extremely real condition. Some companies have even used the truth that some of their workers have migraines being an excuse to create staff redundant.

They don’t really recognize the condition therefore the employee is simply viewed as taking way too many sick days. Businesses are looking at just how many man hrs they’re losing every year to migraines – some estimates place this at many billion dollars in lost period and revenue every year – on a worldwide basis. The current financial state means big companies are searching for ever more devious methods to shed workers and outsource the task elsewhere – the recession has been utilized as an excuse.


To greatly help prevent this problem to begin with be sure that your co-employees know and recognize that you possess migraines and precisely how serious a problem this could be for you. Don’t take action in a bleeding center “pity me” design but raising knowing of medical conditions is essential.

In addition, it means that people will realize why you’re out unwell or why your functionality may suffer throughout a prolonged migraine attack. Migraines are real. Their results are real. Don’t allow your migraines be used being an excuse to take care of you badly . Fed up with those painful, pounding migraines?