I’m too young to do it. Although impotence is more common in older men, it can also occur in young men. The effects can be very damaging to self-esteem and confidence. Many believe that impotence in young men is due to psychological factors like anxiety and depression. However, a person’s health condition, smoking, and substance abuse may also be a factor. It is normal. It is not normal to experience impotence as you age. Male impotence is more common in older men. However, it is not an expected part of aging. It is not common for male impotence to occur at any age. Men with impotence should seek treatment and determine the cause.


  • This is my problem. It’s not something I know of. It is common for male impotence to occur. It affects between 20 and 46% of men aged 40-69 in the USA. In 2000, 26 new cases were reported for every 1,000 men aged 40-69. It is important to recognize that you are not the only one affected and to learn from others’ experiences to help you deal with it better.
  • Tight underwear is the main reason. Although tight underwear can contribute to low sperm counts, it should not be considered a cause for impotence.
  • I have no idea why impotence occurs. Male impotence is most often due to physical causes. Only 10-20% of cases involve psychological causes. To determine the root cause of the problem, it is important to consult your doctor. Impotence can be a sign of underlying medical problems such as heart disease. 70% of men with a cardiovascular problem (heart disease) revealed that they had experienced problems with erection for at least four years prior to the event. This is not surprising as impotence is a sign of a problem in the blood vessels. If left untreated, it can spread to larger vessels such as the heart.
  • Impotence is a man’s problem. It doesn’t matter if I tell my partner about it. Male impotence does not have to be a problem for men. It is as important to your partner as it is to you. It is not a wise decision to keep your partner ignorant about the problem. This can lead to a strained relationship. When impotence occurs in a relationship, a woman feels the same as a man – frustrated, anger and guilt. As the problem continues without a proper discussion between the couple, many partners choose not to focus their energy on the problem and instead turn their attention to other things, such as friends, jobs, hobbies, etc. They stop spending time together, stop touching, stop talking, and before they know, they are no longer communicating with one another.
  • It is not something that anyone talks about. Male impotence affects many men all over the globe. Despite being one of the most common health problems for men, many still find it a difficult topic to discuss. People talk about impotence all the time. They have also been trying to find solutions for it for centuries. You can find many traditional remedies and beliefs from different cultures and societies that have been passed down through generations to help people suffering from impotence. If you have this problem, it is important that you talk to your doctor and your partner about it.
  •  It’s the end for my relationship. It’s not about erection. You can still enjoy the simple things in life, such as kissing, cuddling, caringssing, and talking about your love. It’s a time to share your love and explore the things you can do together. Even if erection isn’t possible, find ways to remain intimate.
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Ask your Woman

How important is it to you to increase the thickness of your penis? Most women would answer, “very important!” The difference between having a longer male organ or increasing your girth is more important if you want to give your woman (or any woman) a great time in bed. The length of the male organ is not important to women. A penis that is too long can cause unneeded pain to the female’s vagina during sexual intercourse. Your partner’s penis thickness can be a great asset in sexual pleasure.

The thickness of your manhood determines how much sexual stimulation you give your partner’s vagina walls during intercourse. There are many options for thickening your penis. Although a surgery to your male organ can make you feel longer, it will not give your penis a stronger physique. This, along with the fact that surgery is often risky, could lead to unwanted side effects for your penis or sexual health. There are many tools that can help you increase your manhood size.


The penis enlargement pumps are a classic tool that men use to quickly increase their penis size. These penis enlargement pump’s work is very simple. The pumps use a suction force to push more blood into the blood chambers of your penis to increase its size. To keep the blood in the chambers, a retainer ring is placed on your manhood. Penis pumps are great if you need a quick way to appear larger in your pants or impress your girl in bed. This “old school” device is losing its appeal with men who want to have a larger penis. The suction force that these pumps exert on your male organ can cause damage to your penis’ internals.

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These pumps can cause blood vessels to burst in the male organ, which can lead to severe impairment of one’s manhood and sex life. This is a risk that one shouldn’t take to increase his penis size, especially since the gain is not permanent. There is a safer way to increase your penis’s size and thickness. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive tools such as the penis enlargement pumps, only to find yourself in a worse place than you started with. You only need your hands, a bit of determination, and a few minutes each day to increase your penis size.


You can do simple stretching exercises for your male organ with your own hands. It is that simple! It is also proven to be very effective. You may be wondering how this simple act of stretching your penis with the hands can help increase your manhood. Penis exercise is scientifically proven to work. The Corpora Cavernosa, which are blood chambers located inside your male organ, fill up with blood and expand the surrounding tissues, giving your penis its physical size. You can actually stretch and stroke your penis by doing specific routines.

This causes the cells that make these blood chambers to break down and then each one grows in size. The Corpora Cavernosa becomes more able to absorb blood from these larger cells. The tissues surrounding them expand further, causing your penis size to increase and, more importantly, thickness. Exercises are better than expensive and complicated tools like penis enlargement pumps. They produce permanent results. You don’t have to do the exercises every day for the rest of the life. Your penis will remain the same size once you have achieved the desired size.

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