Many people desire to lose weight before the summer. It is difficult to lose weight quickly, especially make it last.

These are the days of beautiful weather, along with lighter clothing that lets our bodies shine and, of course, the swimsuits. This summer is eagerly awaited by many. However, for those who are unhappy with their bodies due to a few extra kilos, it can be stressful.

There are many ways to quickly lose weight before summer. You can feel confident about your stomach, legs, and arms.

First thing you need to know is that it is important to not starve yourself. This is dangerous for your health and will not last. Try those methods:

1. Eat less at night

It is important to remember the old saying, “In the morning eat as a king”, “in the noon like a prince” and “in the evening like an admonished beggar”. Our rhythms of life often cause us to eat less at breakfast due to lack of time and to eat more at lunchtime to save time. We also tend to eat fast at work so we can eat dinner with our families. This is not a good thing for our metabolism.

If we eat a little bit of cheese and cold cuts in the evening while preparing dinner, with a glass of wine, then a hearty dish and a dessert, and we go to bed immediately afterwards, all these calories ingested will not be used.

We increase our risk of snacking by eating less or none at all in the morning. A simple cup of coffee or a slice on toast is not enough to fuel the energy you need for your commute to work and walking, cycling, climbing, concentration, etc.

2. Choose lower calorie foods

The rule to avoid excessive weight is “If I consume more calories than I burn, then I get fat.” This applies to what you eat as well as what you drink. So, if you want to avoid excess weight, make sure you are drinking water. Water is free of calories.

You can still have something sweet by choosing to squeeze fruit over industrial juice. It is much better to eat the fruit than to squeeze it. A squeezed orange has about 90 calories. The same orange is only 60 calories if it’s peeled and chewed properly. The satiety effect lasts longer, too.

Although it’s not something we think about often, it is possible to lower the calories of starchy foods. By choosing lentils over classic pasta (i.e. white pasta), you reduce your calorie intake by 20%. Moreover, lentils are higher in protein, higher in fiber and lower in sugar than pasta.

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3. The diet of a stewardess

A stewardess diet can help you lose weight quickly. You will lose 5 kilos in just 5 days by following a hypercaloric and hypopoteinee diet. This diet aims to replace your regular meals with large amounts of meat and vegetables, while reducing fat and carbohydrate as much as possible. You must adhere to certain rules, including the prohibition of snacking, alcohol consumption, and sugary drinks.

Some foods are permitted and encouraged when it comes to the stewardess’ diet. Here’s a list of foods that should be served: poultry, lean meats, white fish, seafood and eggs.

All foods with high fat content are prohibited: sugary products, starchy foods and cereals.

To get the best results, it is essential to adhere to this diet. You cannot make any changes to the diet because it is so short. However, the diet period is very short so deviations are not possible.

4. Get water

Many people don’t get enough water. Water is an essential part of our lives. Although sodas and alcohol may give you a thirst quenching effect it is essential to drink plenty of water. It can also be consumed in tea or herbal tea form, but it should not contain sugar. You will be able to avoid extra calories by doing this.

A good amount of water, 1.5 liters per day, is essential to help you lose calories and avoid any pain if you include sport in your diet.

5. Do not rush

It is essential to learn how to put in the effort to lose weight over time. Choose a diet that suits your lifestyle. You can lose weight fast by limiting the foods you love. This will increase your risk of eating unhealthy food and increase your chances of getting sick. Columbia University has found that intermittent fasting could increase longevity.

6. Do not put yourself under pressure

You will feel pressure to reach a difficult goal if you make it too difficult. Stress can have devastating consequences for your health. Stress can cause weight loss in some people, while others resort to unhealthy, but still comforting, behaviors like smoking, alcohol consumption, or overeating.

Take it easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself and congratulate you on reaching your goals. Also, be realistic about a stress-free weight loss.

7. Establish a routine

It is possible to achieve your goals by creating a routine that incorporates new good habits. It is better to do little each day than to overcompensate for the next day.

A study also found that organizing meals is more important than counting calories. For a quicker and more durable result, you can organize your meals with a little exercise each morning.

8. Don’t starve yourself

Restrictive diets are harmful and encourage the “yo-yo effect”. Do not eliminate all fats or sugars. They are vital to our health, and the proper functioning and maintenance of our bodies.

You can eat without snacking if you’re used to eating between meals. You shouldn’t forgo a plate of pasta or rice with well-seasoned vegetables and olive oil. This kind of meal is healthy and balanced. You will also be less likely to snack if you eat as much as possible during meals. This is why you might prefer to eat fruit over cake if your desire is strong.

9. Exercise

Although this tip might seem obvious, it is just as effective. Sport is the best way for you to lose fat and get your daily calories. It’s a great time to exercise, especially with the warmer weather.

Start small, by walking more each day and using the stairs systematically. Then you can progress to working out according your ability. You’ll lose weight and be healthier over the long-term.