Ninety seven per cent of people have experienced a debilitating headache in their lives at some point. Over seventy percent suffer from chronic headaches. There are many techniques we can use, whether they are self-massage techniques or techniques used by registered masseuses. The most common techniques for the prevention and treatment of migraine headaches are forehead massaging and temple massaging.


Also, forehead pulling and tapping on forehead, manipulating the nose, cheekbones, and forehead are all good options. Below, I will discuss each technique and the benefits they offer. You can ease a sinus headache by using your fingers to apply pressure. The thumbs should be used to push the cheekbones towards the nose. This should be done simultaneously on both sides, starting at the nose passage and moving towards the cheekbones.

This stimulates the sinuses and can reduce the pain and pressure experienced by sinus headaches. This can also stimulate the nasal passage and increase the production of the sinuses, which can help in clearing. It is possible to apply pressure directly with your thumbs to a headache that is located in the temples. This can be done in a variety of circular motions through the temples and should last seven to ten second.


To apply pressure, you can use your thumbs or three fingers. This self-massage technique for headaches is the most popular and produces the best results. You can change the appearance of a headache by manipulating the skin under the eyebrows. To pull the skin under the eyebrows away from your face, use your thumb and forefinger. This helps to reduce the pain and blood flow from the area where the headache is. You should not pull too hard as this could cause headache irritation. Hold for 4 to 6 seconds for best results.

Apply steady pressure to where the nose meets your forehead. This steady pressure helps to reduce pressure on the head. This massage for headaches is similar to other techniques. It is important to use firm, steady pressure. A new method was introduced to me last year for managing a headache. At the retreat, I experienced a severe headache. It was right in my head. An elderly man came to me and began gently tapping my forehead. His gentle tapping of his index finger instantly soothed my headache.


These natural self-massage techniques can reduce the number of Americans who arrive at the emergency department with a headache every ten seconds. Tension headaches can be prevented by reducing stress and tension in the body and spine, as well as correct posture. It is high time that the population realized the benefits of holistic health and stopped relying on pain medication.